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Kimpton Loyalty FAQs

Unique Kimpton Benefits
  • When do I get complimentary WiFi?

    You’ll enjoy free WiFi as soon as you join IHG® Rewards.

    You’ll just need to log in to our free WiFi page when staying with us. Be sure to use the email address you sign in with to access your online profile.

    And what’s extra awesome is that you can sign into Kimpton WiFi anytime during your stay.

  • What do you mean by Custom Stay Preferences?
    Your stays with us are all about you.
    High or low floor? Let us know what makes you most comfortable and we’ll do our best to make it happen.
  • What's this I hear about a spa credit?
    At participating hotels, you can enjoy a $30 in room spa credit. Why not? You deserve it. Learn more here.
About Raid the Bar
  • What is Raid the Bar?
    Who doesn’t love a free drink or snack?  Raid the Bar provides Elite IHG® Rewards members one USD10 credit to spend at either our restaurant bar or the in-room honor bar during each of your qualified stays. Raid the Bar is the IHG® Rewards elite welcome amenity when staying at a Kimpton hotel. Please note, the value of the Raid the Bar Credit is per stay and may change according to city, market and currency.
  • Are all hotels participating in this benefit?
    Most Kimpton hotels participate in Raid the Bar, where it is unavailable credit can be used toward the in-room mini-bar.
  • How does Raid the Bar work?
    Elite IHG® Rewards members receive a Raid the Bar card when you check-in. Just mark whether you used your credit (in-room or at the restaurant bar) and turn in the card at check-out. Please note: you will not receive this credit if the Raid the Bar card is not turned in.
  • Can I save my Raid the Bar card for my next stay?
    Nope. Use it or lose it.
  • Can I give the Raid the Bar card to the bartender?
    No. Your credit is given at check-out at the front desk. Simply sign your bar tab to your room and we will adjust the credit when you depart.
  • I never stop at the front desk to check out, can I call the front desk and let them know where to apply the credit?
    When our accounting department is happy, we're happy, so we appreciate you helping us by turning the card in at check-out. However, if you're one of our super-rushed road warriors, you can call the front desk to notify them that you're checking out and let them know where you used the credit. Remember, if you don't, we won't be able to properly credit your bill.
  • Can I use Raid the Bar for room service or dining in the restaurant?
    You can only use this benefit while in the bar/lounge area of participating restaurants. Trust us; you’ll love getting to know our bartenders.
  • Can I use the Raid the Bar for the bartender's gratuity?
    No. If inclined to tip our awesome bartenders, please do so separately. This benefit is not redeemable for tips or cash.
  • Can I use the credit at a different Kimpton hotel other than the one at I am staying?
    You can only use the credit at the Kimpton hotel that issued the Raid the Bar card to you. This benefit is not transferrable to other Kimpton Hotels.
  • Can I split my credit between the mini bar and the restaurant bar?
    Yikes, that sounds complicated! You must choose between one or the other, and indicate your choice on the back of your card.
  • What if I lose my card?
    Don't fret. We'll ask you where you used the credit at check-out.
  • Do I have to use the credit for a cocktail?
    Of course not! Our bartenders make a variety of mocktails (non-alcoholic beverages) for your sipping pleasure.
  • What if I want to dine at the bar?
    Your credit will be applied to anything from your bar tab. Not applicable for dining in the restaurant.
  • What if I don’t care for Raid the Bar during a particular stay?
    You may choose Elite Welcome Points instead!  Gold Elite receive 400 bonus points, Platinum Elite, Spire Elite and Inner Circle members receive 600 bonus points.
Inner Circle
  • What is Kimpton Inner Circle?
    • Kimpton Inner Circle is an invitation only extension of IHG® Rewards Spire Elite providing Kimpton on-property benefits including the Inner Circle amenity, Chef’s Taste, and Guaranteed One Category Room Upgrade.
    • Awarded to those most loyal to Kimpton, IHG® Rewards Members will receive an invitation when they’ve reached Spire Elite and meet the Inner Circle criteria (unpublished) that is based on loyalty to the brand over the course of the year. Invitations are sent in January.
  • How do I qualify for Inner Circle status?
    Qualifying for Kimpton Inner Circle is based on two main criteria. The first step is to achieve Spire Elite status. Once achieved, members that show true loyalty to Kimpton and meet an  unpublished threshold will be invited into Inner Circle.
  • Why do I have to earn Spire Elite status first?
    Because Inner Circle is an extension of IHG® Rewards Spire Elite, which is the highest tier within IHG® Rewards. Once Spire Elite is achieved, those members that are most loyal to Kimpton, and that meet the unpublished Inner Circle criteria, will receive an invitation into the program to gain access to personalized benefits and perks when staying at a Kimpton hotel.
  • Is there a way to purchase Spire Elite?
    Spire Elite status must be earned with elite qualifying nights or points. You may purchase Gold Elite status for the current year, but that will not count toward earning for the next year.
  • I don’t see the newspaper benefit in the published benefits table, but I can still manage my Inner Circle newspaper preference in my IHG® Rewards account. Will I still get my weekday paper when staying at Kimpton?
    Yes, the Inner Circle newspaper benefit will still be honored during the week days as it always has. Some hotels may opt to deliver newspapers digitally.
  • How do I make sure I get a newspaper delivered to my room?
    As an Inner Circle member, you get your choice of newspaper. It will be delivered to your door as long as a preference is listed in your profile. If you don't have a preference noted, no paper will be delivered.
  • What benefits will I receive when staying at IHG® Hotels & Resorts other than Kimpton?
    For Inner Circle members who stay at IHG® hotels other than Kimpton, they will be recognized by their Spire Elite status and will receive all the benefits and rewards related to Spire Elite. The Inner Circle perks including the Inner Circle amenity, Chef’s Taste, and Guaranteed One Category Room Upgrade will not be delivered.
  • Can I book my Inner Circle one category upgrade in advance?
    The Inner Circle one category upgrade is given on arrival and cannot be reserved in advance.
  • As an Inner Circle member, how will I get faster high-speed internet when staying at Kimpton?
    At check-in Inner Circle members will be given a special code to access the complimentary faster high-speed internet.
  • When I stay at an InterContinental hotel as an Inner Circle member, will I receive the Ambassador benefits and recognition?
    • For Inner Circle members who stay at IHG® Hotels & Resorts brands other than Kimpton (including InterContinental), they will be recognized as Spire Elite and will receive all the benefits and rewards related to Spire Elite.
    • The Inner Circle perks, including the Inner Circle amenity, Chef’s Taste, and guaranteed one category room upgrade will be delivered only when staying at a Kimpton hotel.
  • What is the Inner Circle Amenity?
    A personalized special welcome amenity is your favorite beverage and snack delivered to your room during each stay. When you become an Inner Circle member, your profile expands to accept more custom preferences so we can get to know you better. Exact brand preference and amount are not guaranteed, but we'll do our best.
  • What is the Inner Circle Complimentary Chef’s Taste?
    Inner Circle members enjoy a complimentary chef's taste when enjoying dinner at a participating Kimpton restaurant. Be sure to let the restaurant know that you are an Inner Circle member upon arrival (a tip: You can always enter this in the Notes section in Open Table when making a reservation as well). The chef's taste is typically seasonal and is up to the discretion of each restaurant and chef. This perk is applicable toward dinner service only.
  • What is the Inner Circle New Hotel Free Night?

    We want our most loyal members to experience our newest hotels.   An Inner Circle New Hotel Free Night is made available to select members to redeem annually at one participating new Kimpton hotel.  The Inner Circle Free Night at New Hotels is published with offer dates and sell date on the Inner Circle Free Night landing page.​


  • What is the Inner Circle Dedicated Phone Line?
    Just our way of making our members’ lives a little easier. The number is available when signed in as Inner Circle member on and navigate to
Questions about Questions
  • I have more questions. Who can help?
    Our friendly IHG® Rewards peeps stand ready to answer your questions.

    Call 1-888-695-4678

    Use #KimptonLove, #KimptonInnerCircle and #ExperienceIHG if you would like to spread some! Our Social Media team loves connecting with you to answer questions or just hear about how your day is going. Did we say how much we love photos from your Kimpton travels?

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