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IHG Rewards Member Rate

IHG® Rewards Member Rate

Get our exclusive member rate every time you book and stay.

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Insiders get benefits

Insiders get benefits
Members get the best rate–Member Rate–when booking with us.
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Giving you more reasons to get away.

Members enjoy special benefits at all our hotels, all around the world.

Exclusive Member Rates
Exclusive Member

Thousands of destinations
Thousands of

Earn points for Reward Nights
Earn points for
Reward Nights

Extensive reward choices
Extensive reward

Free high-speed Wi-fi
Free high-speed

Join for free.
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IHG® Rewards offers

IHG Bonus Points Package

Earn up to 5,000 bonus points per stay

Get rewards faster by booking an IHG® Rewards Bonus Points Package. You can earn additional points on your stay at any of our participating hotels.

Points & Cash

Stay for Less – Faster

Simply combine your points with cash to redeem for a Reward Night at your choice of more than 5,200 IHG® Hotels & Resorts worldwide.

Meet Mr & Mrs Smith, IHG® Rewards partner

Meet Mr & Mrs Smith, IHG® Rewards partner

We’ve partnered with world-renowned connoisseurs of luxury & boutique travel, Mr & Mrs Smith, you can now earn and redeem points at hundreds of new hotels.

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Special offers

Enjoy endless possibilities with Points Purchase

Enjoy endless possibilities with Points Purchase

Buy, gift, or transfer points.

Reward Night

IHG Rewards member offers

Enjoy IHG hotel discount programs and find great travel deals on car rentals, restaurants, activities and more.


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