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Loyalty Program | IHG® Rewards Club


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When you make bookings on behalf of others, we're here to reward you. With IHG® Business Rewards, you can earn points every time you book accommodation, meetings, or an event at over 5,900 participating IHG® hotels worldwide. From board meetings and conferences to weddings and social events, we understand the work that goes into planning and we think all your bookings are important, so we reward you no matter the size.


So that you can get the best from IHG® Business Rewards, here’s just some of the benefits that make your job more rewarding.



* IHG® Business Rewards Terms and Conditions (Greater China)

* IHG® Business Rewards Terms and Conditions (excluding Greater China) 

** IHG® Rewards Club Global Membership Terms and Conditions


Corporate bookers and business travel agents must note that they are responsible for:

1. informing and obtaining approval from their employer to participate in the programme

2. ensuring that their participation in the IHG® Business Rewards Programme does not contravene their terms and conditions of their employment, their employer's internal policies and procedures on the receipt of gifts and incentives or any other applicable laws, rules, or regulations.


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