• 3-60, Ofuka-Cho, Kita-Ku
  • Osaka , 5300011
  • Japan
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    11:00 AM

Enter the Hanshin highway No. 4 from Kansai International Airport Interchange, drive to Osaka city. From Tempozan junction, change to No. 16 and drive to the North. At Awaza junction, please take the No. 1 line to No. 11. Exit at Umeda Exit.

Osaka International Airport (ITM)
Distance 15 KM / 9.32 MI SOUTH to Hotel
Taxi Charge (one way): ¥5,000.00  (JPY)
Time by taxi: Approx. 30 minutes
Train Charge (one way):  ¥0.00  (JPY)
Ferry Charge (one way): ¥0.00  (JPY)
Drive 11 km on National road No. 2 toward to Osaka

Kobe Airport Terminal (UKB)
Distance 39 KM / 24.23 MI EAST to Hotel
Taxi Charge (one way): ¥0.00  (JPY)
Train Charge (one way):  ¥710.00  (JPY)
Time by train: 1 hour
Ferry Charge (one way): ¥0.00  (JPY)
Dirve toward to Hanshin highway No 3 for 7km from the airport. Drive 29km on Hanshin highway No. 3 to Osaka.

Kansai International Airport (KIX)
Distance 51.2 KM / 31.81 MI SOUTH WEST to Hotel
Taxi Charge (one way): ¥17,000.00  (JPY)
Time by taxi: Approx. 60 minutes
Train Charge (one way):  ¥1,620.00  (JPY)
Time by train: 1.5 hours
Ferry Charge (one way): ¥0.00  (JPY)
Enter the airport highway from the Kansai International Terminal bridge entrance and drive toward Osaka and Kobe cities of the Hanshin highways. The highway connects Hanshin highways No 4 and change No 195 after 24.8km drive on No4. At the corner of Ohama kita junction, please enter to National road 26 and drive into the Hanshin highway Kanjyo line No 15 Sakai line till Deiriguchi exist.

Station Name: JR Osaka Station
Distance 0.2 KM / 0.12 MI SOUTH to Hotel
Taxi Fee From Train Station: ¥0.00  (JPY)
The hotel has direct access with JR Osaka Station. Head to Grand Front Osaka Tower A via Umekita Plaza on the 2nd floor from JR Osaka Station Central Gates. Cross the Sky-Bridge to Tower B then take the escalator to the 1st floor. Proceed through Knowledge Plaza and the hotel entrance is on the right hand side.*Between 0:30am till 6am every day, please enter the hotel from outside hotel entrance.

Subway Name: Umeda Station Midosuji Subway
Distance 0.2 KM / 0.12 MI SOUTH to Hotel
Taxi Fee From Subway Station: ¥0.00  (JPY)
From Grand Front Osaka Tower A, take the lift to basement 1 and enter to the JR Osaka station basement 1. The Umeda Station Midosuji Subway entrance is on the left.