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Crowne Plaza Yichang

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The only five star international brand hotel which located beside Yangtze River also is the city center with Wanda Plaza,Three Gorges Visitor Center,Center hospital around corner.

Tipps für die Umgebung

Tipps für die Umgebung

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Three Gorges Dam is 38km from Crowne Plaza Yichang. Made of concrete, it's 2,309 metres long and 185 high, making it the single biggest hydroelectric power station on Earth. Our Concierge can organise half-day trips to the dam and its nearby museum.


Wanda Plaza, right on the doorstep of Crowne Plaza Yichang, is a newly opened shopping mall that's packed with shops, restaurants and karaoke booths. There's also a cinema showing the latest Chinese and international films.


Taxis are a safe and convenient way to get around Yichang. Simply flag one down and ask them to switch the meter on, and you'll pay for your journey by the kilometre.

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Yichang is one of the best tourism cities and a famous travel resort in China. It consists of a romantic and mysterious picture with the gorgeous Three Gorges, Magnificent Three Gorges Project, The beautiful Three Gorges Tribes, The colorful traditional culture,Ancient Dragon Boat Festival.

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Learning more about the Tujia, the largest of Yichang's many ethnic minority groups. Watch them perform songs with traditional Chinese wind instruments, or check out one of the Tujia's colourful traditional dances.