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Crowne Plaza Baoji City Center

Ontdek Baoji

Baoji has a long history and is known as "the hometown of Emperor Yan and the hometown of bronzes". It is the seat of Baoxue, an important branch of Chinese culture. It has a histo

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Plaatselijke tips




China Shiguyuan China Shek Kwu Park is located in the scenic Shigong Mountain, is the "first Chinese antiquities" - Shigu found.So that China's Shek Kwu a new city of Baoji business card. Baoji Botanical Garden Baoji Botanical Garden along the Wei water, sitting Qinshan, the annual bloom season, visitors flocked, is the flowers, tree-lined, melting lake and modern garden as one of the fine garden

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Dashuanchuan area is a former ecological alpine meadow, dense forests, once the ancient Silk Road must pass through, but also a number of dynasties of the Royal Racecourse. A stream along the bottom of the gurgling flow, green grass Yin, mountain towering old trees, depressed, full of vitality. Along the valley all the way forward a number of scattered cattle and sheep, all fat fat body strong.


Special Note 1. visit the Famen Temple to buy regular tickets, do not buy the local people's cheap tickets; Famen Temple of the Buddha refers to the real relics only weekends, the first lunar calendar, fifteen will be displayed. 2. Taibai Mountain best to go together, climbing with the road signs go, do not stay away from the trail; Taibai Mountain scenic area will check, tickets do not discard.

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1. In the temple of the temple, pray for family health. 2. In the United States and the village to eat a bowl of Fufeng taste of the smell of urine surface. 3. In the Taibai Mountain top view of the sunrise 4. Zhou Gongmiao look at a lot of people do not know the jade stone. 5. in the North Guocun to 20 days of urine smell face, do a face Pa God of Cookery.

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