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Crowne Plaza Harbin Songbei

Ontdek Harbin

Plaatselijke tips

Plaatselijke tips


It's fully filled by europeanizing architecture and other different type of Byzantine and Baroque building, which had been protected as historical relic. It is the art gallery of architecture. Meantime, paying a visit to Saint Sophia Cathedral will be a good choice. It is the largest Orthodox church in the Far East region and is a typical representation of the Byzantine architecture.

Wat is er nieuw

Central Street measures 1,450 meters from Jingwei Street in the south to the Flood Control Momument on the riverbank in the north. This is the longest walkway in China. The street was built at 1898 and connected to a wharf at Songhua River. Because of the constant transport of the goods needed for building the China Eastern Railway, a shopping center began to take shape at the turn of the century.


The best time to visit is during the Winter season.

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The very popular and famous in the street is Modern Ice Sucker which started since 1906 and it seems to be the symbol of Harbin. It is always surrounded and lined up in business hour, especially in the Winter. Just try it.

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The food will be satisfied to you in Russian restaurant, such as Huamei Restaurant, Modern Restaurant. Chinese Restaurant such as Laochujia Restaurant, Stew Morly Fish. And the local food is Qiulin Sausage.