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Holiday Inn Cuiaba

Av. Miguel Sutil 2050

Jardim Leblon

Cuiaba, Mato Grosso





Заезд: 3PM

Выезд: 12PM

Минимальный возраст самостоятельных гостей: 18


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Деловой центр
Расстояние от отеля:
2.49 MI/ 4 KM
Расстояние от отеля:
4.23 MI/ 6.8 KM North
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Located in the center of South America, Cuiabá is the capital of Mato Grosso and also the gateway for those who want to know all beauties of the Brazilian Midwest. With almost 300 years of existence, our Green City is a fascinating combination of history, culture, art, modernity, cuisine, entertainment and business.
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You should not live our hotel without knowing Praça Popular in the evening, Sesc Arsenal on thursday night, Museums: Caixa d'Água and Pedra Ramis Buscair; Aquario Municipal, Churches: Our Lady of the Rosary and St Benedict's Chapel, Bom Despacho, Basílica Sr. Bom Jesus de Cuiabá and São Gonçalo, Palácio da Instrução, Geodesic center of South America, and also tasting typical local foods.
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Known as hospitable city, Cuiabá receives its tourists with arms wide open and offers nightly entertainment with a range of nightclubs, bars and restaurants. Interested in music, irresistible cuisine and a good chat with friend? Then go to the Popular Square where youl'll find several bars and restaurants that are busy from Monday to Monday.


Cuiaba's time zone is GMT-4, one hour ahead of EST in the United States. Be sure to change your watch and take the time to check the weather before you pack, remembering that the hotel is in Mato Grosso and enjoys the seasons of the Southern Hemisphere.