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Holiday Inn Clermont - Ferrand Merkezi

Yapılacak İşler Clermont-Ferrand

City centre 5 minutes walking Next to La Maison de la Culture and La Comédie

Araştır Clermont-Ferrand

Araştır Clermont-Ferrand

L'Aventure Michelin

32, rue du Clos Four, Clermont-Ferrand, 63000

L'Aventure Michelin begins with a Micheline railcar and a Bréguet airplane in a restored workshop. The tour consists of 9 spaces with different contents and styles. You can visit the place freely or with an audio guide.

Bargoin Museum

15 rue Ballainvilliers, Clermont Ferrand, 63000

The Bargoin museum welcomes two departments: the one dedicated to the archaeology, the other one to the carpets(mats) and to the textile arts.

Musée Ranquet

34 rue des gras, clermont ferrand, 63000

This museum offers pieces of regional ethnology such as the Blaise Pascal calculator (country child)

Basilique Notre Dame du Port

rue du port, Clermont-Ferrand, 63000

it is a romane church from the 6th century it is registered to the UNESCO heritage

Fine Arts Museum

Place Louis Deteix, CLERMONT FERRAND, 63100

The museum of art Roger-Quilliot, the museum of the fine arts of the City of Clermont-Ferrand, benefits from the label " Museum of France " and positions as one of the big cultural establishments in region Auvergne. To come to visit it is also an opportunity to discover the district of Montferrand, one of both historic hearts of the regional capital of Auvergne.

Puy de Dome

Route du Puy de Dome,

Le puy de Dôme is a ancient volcano from the Chaine des Puys. It is situated 15 km from Clermont-Ferrand and gave his name to the area of Puy-de-Dôme. The puy de Dôme is part of "Grands Sites de France" and received early 2008 the label "Grand Site de France". On June 2012, the access for the top will be available by train "Le panoramique des domes"


Saint Ours les Roches,

Travel through billons of years with in only one visit to the European Volcanic Park Vulcania. New Vulcania’s challenge is to bring science alive with sensations and emotions, while at the same time preserving an educational aspect - an objective that considerably changes both the appearance and atmosphere of the site, with new combinations of fun and learning, emotion and understanding.

Le Volcan de Lemptegy

Saint Ours les Roches,

Le Volcan de Lemptégy is located in the heat of the chain of Puys. It has been formed 30 000 years ago. Visit an unconvincing natural site, pierce the mysteries of volcanology regarding guided tour of the inside of the volcano and the industrial site, a film and an animation in 4D dynamics.

Montpeyroux village


Montpeyroux is a medieval village.

Orcival Basilica

Le Bourg, Orcival, 63210

The Basilique Notre-Dame d’Orcival : Very beautiful roman monument in Auvergne. Notre-Dame is one of the 5th most beautiful roman churchs in Auvergne dated from XIIth century.

Murol Castle

Maison du Pré Long, Murol, 63790

Discover the Castle of Murol and its new livened up(led) visit. Paladins du Sancy will make you discover a ludo-educational animation which will take you during a journey in the time(weather), in the heart of an exceptional site among the most visited by Auvergne

Saint-Nectaire Village

Saint Nectaire,

It's a village where the cheese St Nectaire is born

Jonas Cave


This site is totally hand-made by human during the Middle-Age period. There are 70 rooms on 5th differents floors.

Moulin Richard de Bas

AMBERT, 63600

It is an old industry where paper is made.


35 Rue du Clos Four, Clermont Ferrand, 63100

The rugby immersion Two ways to deepen your knowledge of rugby: ASM Experience, a unique "theme park" in France dedicated exclusively to rugby and club life, and a guided tour of the stadium to discover the other side of the scenery. So ... enter under the melee!