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Holiday Inn Express & Suites North Kansas City

1995 Macon Street , North Kansas City, Missouri 64116

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Bezienswaardigheden in de buurt

Bezienswaardigheden in de buurt

  • Sprint Center Arena


Plaatsnaam: Kansas City

Routebeschrijving van stadscentrum naar hotel: Zuid

Afstand tot hotel: 4 MI/ 6.44 KM



Dichtstbijzijnde congrescentrum: Kansas City Convention Center

Afstand tot hotel: 5 MI/ 8.05 KM Zuid

Golfbaan: 12 MI/ 19.31 KM Noordoosten

Buitentennis: 2 MI/ 3.22 KM East

Niet te missen

Niet te missen

For 86 years, one of the Kansas City's most grand annual traditions happens on the Country Club Plaza. It begins each Thanksgiving and runs through mid-January. Enjoy the Plaza Lights that are magical and will help get you in the holiday mood.

Wat u zeker moet doen

Wat u zeker moet doen

Check out Chicken N Pickle, A new Outdoor/Indoor Entertainment Venue and Restaurant Concept in North Kansas City. Play pickleball, grab a healthy bite to eat or challenge your friends to lawn games like battleship or cornholes.

  • Pizza Hut

    Pizza Hut offers a lunch buffet. Within walking distance from hotel.

    Locatie: 0.01 MI/ 0.02 KM North

    Menuaanbod: Lunch, Diner

  • Kelso's

    Kelso's Pizza offers a full fare of Italian favorites and a friendly atmosphere.

    Locatie: 1.5 MI/ 2.41 KM Zuid

    Menuaanbod: Lunch, Diner

    Telefoonnummer: 1-816-2218899

  • Chappell's

    American cuisine and Sports Memorabilia Museum decor

    Locatie: 1 MI/ 1.61 KM West

    Menuaanbod: Lunch, Diner

    Telefoonnummer: 1-816-4210002

  • Chicken N Pickle

    An outdoor indoor entertainment venue and restaurant. Play pickleball, grab a healthy bite to eat like salads, sandwiches or try some of their fabulous wood fired rotisserie chicken.

    Locatie: 0.9 MI/ 1.45 KM West

    Menuaanbod: Lunch, Diner

  • First Watch

    They start bright and early each morning preparing exceptional ingredients to deliver breakfast, brunch and lunch experience that feels good and tastes even better.

    Locatie: 0.4 MI/ 0.64 KM West

    Menuaanbod: Ontbijt, Brunch, Lunch

    Telefoonnummer: 1-816-8427300

Keer niet terug naar huis zonder

Keer niet terug naar huis zonder

North Kansas City has bikes to travel as well as the Lime electric scooters. Download the Lime app and go for a ride around the North Kansas City area or take it to downtown Kansas City.

Slimme tips

The hotel's location near Worlds of Fun - Kansas City, MO, the Sprint Center and downtown makes it easy for first-time visitors to get where they need to go quickly. You can rely on a GPS, but the staff is always ready to assist you with any travel needs.