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Otelde Yemek
Step into our gastronomic hub in Thonglor, featuring AVA Brasserie, Rogues, The Lobby, and in-room dining. Savour delicious dishes, explore vegan options, and enjoy Thai-Japanese-inspired beverages—crafted with local ingredients and a modern twist.

Tesis İçi Restoranlar: 5

Kokteyl Barı

Şampanya Bar

24 Saat Lobi

Oda Servisi Mevcuttur: Yönetici Odaları, Süit ve Oda

12:00 ÖÖ - 12:00 ÖÖ

Otel Restoranları


Discover an elusive sanctuary a versatile bar where the unconventional flourishes, and the extraordinary thrives. This hidden gem welcomes mischief and merrymaking alike. Savour meticulously crafted cocktails, the pulsating rhythms of live performances, and the exclusivity of our private bar and event spaces ideal for forging memorable moments and unforgettable social hours.

Yer: 2nd floor

Hizmetler: Akşam Yemeği

Çalışma Saatleri: 5:00 ÖS-2:00 ÖÖ

AVA Brasserie

Experience a gastronomic journey where aviation inspired design harmoniously blends with international flavours. Curating an impressive menu, our talented chefs take you on a global exploration of unparalleled tastes and textures. From homemade pastas to fresh seafood platters and Kurobuta pork, savour delectable dishes in elegant surroundings. From a la carte breakfast to afternoon tea and exquisite dinners, AVA Brasserie is the place where special memories are made.

Yer: 4th floor

Hizmetler: Kahvaltı, Brunch, Öğle Yemeği, Akşam Yemeği, Tatlı

Çalışma Saatleri: 6:00 ÖÖ-10:30 ÖS

The Lobby

Capturing the essence of Thonglor, The Lobby stands as the heart of our hotel. Guests are greeted with handcrafted exclusive coffees, tea blend, pastry and Thonglor desserts, complemented by an opulent afternoon tea. Enjoy BOGO Free Happy Hour is available from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM for local beers, wines and classic cocktails.

Yer: Lobby floor

Hizmetler: Kahvaltı, Öğle Yemeği, Akşam Yemeği, Tatlı

Çalışma Saatleri: 7:00 ÖÖ-9:00 ÖS

In-Room Dining

Savour authentic Thai and international cuisine in the comfort of your guest room with our exquisite in room dining service. Available daily from morning to evening, our culinary offerings are meticulously crafted to deliver a truly luxurious and memorable dining experience in the privacy of your own room or suite. Treat your palate to a symphony of flavours, expertly prepared and served with elegance, ensuring that every meal is a feast for the senses.

Yer: In your room

Hizmetler: Kahvaltı, Öğle Yemeği, Akşam Yemeği

Otel Barları ve Lobileri


Discover a clandestine haven, a speakeasy bar where the unconventional thrives and the extraordinary comes to life. A hidden gem that beckons mischiefs and misfits alike. Indulge in our carefully crafted cocktails, enjoy the pulsating rhythms of live performances, and embrace the exclusivity of our private bar and event spaces, perfect for creating unforgettable social hours and extraordinary moments.

Çalışma Saatleri: 5:00 ÖS - 2:00 ÖÖ - 2:00 ÖÖ