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Otelde Yemek
With four distinct dining venues, our hotel and talented chefs are pleased to offer various cuisines and unique experiences, from creative Cantonese to a award-winning steaks.

Tesis İçi Restoranlar: 4

Kokteyl Barı

Oda Servisi Mevcuttur: Yönetici Odaları ve Süit

12:00 ÖÖ - 12:00 ÖÖ

Otel Restoranları

The Florist

The Florist is located on the first floor of InterContinental Beijing Sanlitun. You will find a secret floral garden in which to enjoy afternoon tea. Guests can enjoy four different themed afternoon tea sets, each including sumptuous desserts and special drinks. To complement each set, a dainty cluster of flowers is presented in tiny vases.

Yer: Level 1

Hizmetler: Tatlı

Çalışma Saatleri: 9:00 ÖÖ-9:00 ÖS

Ying Chinese

Savouring Cantonese cuisine with creative concoctions at Ying Chinese, your taste buds will be delighted by the distinctive allure of all the authentic delicacies. Seasonal ingredients are carefully selected to serve the delectable signature dishes. Ying Chinese offers typical dim sum such as Shrimp dumplings while exquisitely paired with black truffles, which look like a crystal with tiny pearls inside. Never miss the Cantonese BBQ in Ying Chinese as well. This is a new must try in town.

Yer: 3rd Floor

Hizmetler: Kahvaltı, Öğle Yemeği, Akşam Yemeği

Çalışma Saatleri: 11:30 ÖÖ-2:30 ÖS, 5:30 ÖS-9:30 ÖS

Top Tapas

Top Tapas is a contemporary restaurant that strives to introduce the timeless cuisine and culture of Spain to downtown Beijing. Stylish space designed in an open concept room, explosions of herbs and spices ensures guests are tempted into sampling the season's best crafted Cocktails, wines, and tea infusions. Enjoy the moment and let the rich aromas of tapas stimulate your sense.

Yer: 3rd Floor

Hizmetler: Öğle Yemeği, Akşam Yemeği, Tatlı

Çalışma Saatleri: 11:00 ÖÖ-10:00 ÖS

CHAR bar & grill

The Michelin awarded and Black Pearl one diamond recipient CHAR presents a premium in house steak and wine experience with a spectacular view of Sanlitun. CHAR features premium steak to bring you a mouthful of tender and succulent flavour. It also provides a selection of steak knife combinations, where guests can choose their favourite tool, plus a selection of natural sea salts to pair.

Yer: 3rd Floor

Hizmetler: Öğle Yemeği, Akşam Yemeği, Tatlı

Çalışma Saatleri: 11:30 ÖÖ-2:30 ÖS, 5:30 ÖS-10:00 ÖS