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InterContinental Lijiang Ancient Town Resort

Justin He
Chief Concierge

A warm welcome to InterContinental Lijiang Ancient Town Resort. All of our concierge team members are looking forward to serving you and to sharing with you all of the wonderful experiences of Lijiang, what will make your stay be more enjoyable and memorable.

Cose da fare
Il giorno perfetto


Start the wonderful day in your comfort and cosy room. Enjoy the traditional Chinese or Western breakfast in the Seven Colors Chinese Restaurant after walking there in the fresh air. Climb up to the top of Lion Hill which is located on the west side of Dayan Ancient Town. Feel the whisper of the wind and listen to the chirp chirp from the bird, stand at Wangu Tower and enjoy the panoramic view of this UNESCO Ancient Town. Or go to the Black Dragon Pool Park, walk under the big trees, stand next to the sapphire clear lake while seeing fish jumping out and saying hello to you. Cross the grove and relax on the chair watching locals practicing Taichi under the sunshine.


Feel a bit tired after a busy morning? Why not go to the Shuhe Ancient Town which has over 1000 years history? Relax your body and spirit in the town and feel its simplicity and tranquility. The vertical and horizontal creeks crossed through the town, passed by the horses from time to time. Find yourself a little coffee shop, sit back in the sofa and totally relax from busy minds.


The quiet Dayan Ancient Town is more active and alive in the evening. There are various specialty gift shops along the streets, the sound of drums and beautiful rhythms coming from different directions. Join in the bonfire dancing in the Market Square with Naxi nannies. Feel the Lijiang’s enthusiasm, sit in the courtyard and enjoy the Naxi Ancient Music show, this performance has 3 rare facts that includes ancient music; immemorial and traditional instruments and aged players. The night is dark; have a sweet dream.

Lo sapevi?
  • Yuhu Village

    This lovely atmosphere is why Joseph Rock chose this place to live when he came in 1922. He lived in Lijiang for 27 years.From 1924, a large number of his photos and articles depicting Lijiang have been published in National Geographic.His work was instrumental in introducing the wonderful scenery of West Yunnan to people in the West.

  • Naxi Costume

    The female costumes have unique features. The ladies are usually dressed up all in shades of blue with a special cape on their back. This cape is made of black sheepskin and has seven round designs embroidered on it. The seven designs on the back of the cape represent the stars, hence the name "Seven-Star Sheepskin Cape". The cape consists of two main colors, white and black. The white symbolizes the sky while the black color represents the earth. The sky, earth and stars.

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