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InterContinental Wuxi

Concierge head shot
Jackson Yang
Chief Concierge

Welcome to InterContinental Wuxi. Our professional concierge team is here to ensure that you have an unforgettable experience in Wuxi. Feel free to contact our concierge team for any assistance!

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O Dia Perfeito


Lingshan scenic spot After a rich breakfast at InterContinental’s I Café , we head to the Lingshan Scenic Spot. This Place boasts many well-designed tourist attractions including the Grand Buddha with 88 meters in height, which is the largest of its kind in all of China and a landmark of Wuxi, The “Nine-Dragons-Bathing-the-Baby-Buddha” - a group of large-sized dynamic musical sculptures - and the Lingshan Buddhist Palace which is the site of the annual world Buddhist forum. Tourists from all over china and abroad come to Wuxi every year to visit the Grand Buddha and learn about Buddhist culture.


Tai Lake After the visit to Lingshan scenic spot, we are going to move on to the Tai Lake. Located in the southern part of the Yangtze River delta, Taihu Lake is the third largest freshwater lake in China. With a surface area of about 2,338 square kilometers, Tai Lake is famous for its amazing views, for example the view of the Turtle-Head Peninsula which gets its name because of its huge rocks projecting into the lake, appearing as if a swimming turtle is tossing its head. Besides its beauty, Tai lake also provides some of the essential ingredients for Wuxi’s cuisine so while we are there we will try some of the fresh fish and delicious crab.


Qing Ming Bridge Bar Street When night falls, our best choice is to visit the Qing Ming Bridge Bar Street. This pedestrian street stretches along the ancient canal with its old stone bridges. On both sides of the street there are countless restaurants, tea houses, coffee shops and bars - many of them play live music - all situated in ancient Chinese wooden buildings - A perfect mix of cultural heritage and modern lifestyle. We sit down on one of the terraces order some cocktails and enjoy the music while watching the bustling crowd passing by. Finally we will take a short 15 minutes walk back to the Intercontinental where our soft bed already awaits us for a good long sleep.

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  • How to eat Wuxi Steamed Bun

    Xiao Long Bao are Wuxi's famous juicy Pork Dumplings. Its tricky to eat because this steamed dough dumpling is not only filled with a meatball but also with a hot fragrant broth. If you don't wan't to squirt the broth over your cloth or -even worse- your neighbor in the table - you should grab the dumpling carefully with your chop sticks, then bite a small hole from the top into the dough, slurp the broth slowly from that hole and then you are safe to dip the dumpling into rice vinegar and eat it bite for bite. Enjoy!

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