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Enjoy a break that gives you more. | IHG

Enjoy a break that gives you more.
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Get more benefits from your next break.

A relaxing stay now comes with even more benefits.

A break is always rewarding in itself. But we're going to make your next one even better - stay with us and we'll be giving you 3 well-deserved benefits, every single day. All you have to do is book before 28 February 2019 for stays until 31 March 2019 at any of our participating InterContinental, Crowne Plaza, Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express and Staybridge Suites hotels across India, the Middle East and Africa. It couldn't be simpler - you do the relaxing, and we'll make it special.

Three ways we'll give you more on your next break.

Get 10% off your stay.
Get a guaranteed 10% off your stay

As an IHG® Rewards Club member, you get a lot more than just a relaxing break. You'll also enjoy a full 10% off your stay.

Daily buffet breakfasts.
Delicious daily buffet breakfasts

Wake up to a full buffet breakfast, every day. We make sure you start your day just right!

Get IHG® Rewards Club points!
Daily IHG® Rewards Club bonus points

Get 2,000 IHG® Rewards Club bonus points per night, just for taking a break with us! It's the perfect way to access a world of benefits.

Need some travel inspiration? Start here!

From idyllic beach holidays to cultural discoveries, shopping vacations to city breaks, try these ideas for a rewarding getaway. 

Perfect beach breaks with IHG®

Your dream beach break is waiting for you.

Golden sands, blue oceans, laid-back days - there's nothing like a beachside holiday to soothe, relax and refresh. Whether your taste is surfing, scuba, or just lying back and soaking up the sunshine, we'll help you find your perfect beach break at IHG® hotels and resorts across India, the Middle East and Africa.

Perfect shopping breaks with IHG®

Reward yourself with a shopping and dining break.

Combine a relaxing getaway with a fun shopping & dining spree, and you've got the ultimate treat for yourself and those you love. Why not splash out on a rewarding trip to any one of our fantastic dining and shopping destinations?

Perfect cultural breaks with IHG®

Take a holiday that's also a journey into different cultures. 

In our diverse world, there are rich cultural discoveries waiting to fascinate and amaze you. From local cuisines and crafts to markets, music and architecture, IHG® hotels and resorts are the perfect place to start your colourful and inspiring journey into the wonders of different worlds.

Perfect city breaks with IHG®

Be refreshed and energised with a fun-filled city break. 

Feeling adventurous? Try a city break for an unforgettable urban experience. From vibrant, cosmopolitan New Delhi to exotic Muscat and colourful Johannesburg, you can explore the cafés, galleries and fascinating nightlife that makes each city unique. Pick your energising city break, and enjoy a refreshing stay with a difference.

Not an IHG® Rewards Club member?

Join now to enjoy our lowest rates, free internet to keep you connected, and bonus points to reward you even faster. You can select personal stay preferences to customise your hotel stays, while you earn and redeem points at more than 5,000 locations around the world. There’s a reason why over 100 million people have enrolled in IHG® Rewards Club. Come discover it for yourself!


This promotional rate is valid only for bookings made and consumed from 14 October 2018 through 31 March 2019 at participating IHG hotels and resorts in India, the Middle East and Africa. You must be a member of IHG Rewards Club and book this package to qualify for the discount, which is a guaranteed 10% discount with YOUR RATE on the Best Flexible Rate inclusive of daily buffet breakfast, and 2,000 bonus IHG Rewards Club points for each night. This is a qualifying rate, blackout dates apply and rooms are subject to availability. Hotel policy varies in regards to the number of guests allowed per room. Not applicable with other discounted rate promotions. Not applicable to group bookings. Hotel-specific early departure fee applies.