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Kimpton Bem Budapest | Second District

Kimpton BEM Budapest, lifestyle luxe hideaway

Đặt chỗ: --
Liên hệ quầy lễ tân: 36-1-8839880

The urban cool kid on the block, seated on the Buda banks of the Danube, Kimpton BEM takes residence in Budapest’s distinctively welcoming neighborhood. Nestled in the heart of history, our hotel is a stone's throw from the Castle District, creating a timeless journey through Budapest's regal past with threads of Hungarian history engulfed in lush grandeur. The city's legendary Turkish baths, a testament to centuries of leisure and luxury, are close by and not to be missed.

The transformation of this long forgotten 19th-century building has been meticulously created by the renowned Marcel Wanders. Breathing a new life into this historical, grade 2 listed mansion. Embracing the locality, the charm and the history to create a destination that echoes a forgotten era. Striking and stylish, our design originates from the history of the capital, each space a canvas painting Hungary's vibrant soul. Our rooms offer a front-row seat to the city's ever-changing panorama, connecting people with the place, past with present, traditional with modern. Authentically crafted for the ultimate luxury lifestyle hideaway in this bustling capital.

Nhận phòng - 3:00 CH, Trả phòng - 12:00 CH
Tuổi tối thiểu để nhận phòng 18

Bem Budapest Ảnh tiện nghi

Tiện ích + Dịch vụ

Indulge yourself in luxury at the pet-friendly Kimpton BEM Budapest. Sweat it out in our 24/7 gym, then blissfully soak in the hot tub. Wind down with mellow gazebo vibes on your balcony or sip chic cocktails at our rooftop bar gazing over Budapest.

Eat + Drink

Our rich and healthy Mediterranean kitchen infused with Hungarian flavours inspires both travellers and local appetites. AGOS, Bar Huso and Fennen await you with delectable delights. Discover something new, discover unique.

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Không gian lưu trú

Phòng + Phòng suite

Lose yourself in luxury and elegance in our modern rooms inspired by Budapest's history. Pamper yourself with luxury bathroom amenities, recharge in the walk-in shower and sleep on clouds in our plush bedding. Marvel at the Danube's playful dance, find serenity on your balcony or spoil yourself in one of our suites with a freestanding tub. Kimpton BEM Budapest offers a haven of comfort and luxury in the heart of the city.

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Khám phá Budapest

Khách sạn Kimpton là nơi phong cách boutique mang đậm sắc thái bản địa. Trải nghiệm nghỉ dưỡng hấp dẫn và thưởng thức thức ăn, rượu và đặc sản địa phương.

cute tan and white dog looking up

Bring Your Furry Friend

We invite you to bring your furry, feathery or scaly family member — no matter their size, weight, or breed — at no extra charge.  We’ve also partnered with Wag! to make traveling with your pet easier. Wag! connects pet parents with professionals for walking, boarding or sitting.