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Crowne Plaza Toluca-Lancaster

Araştır Metepec

Yerel İpuçları

Yerel İpuçları

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Originally built as a market, the Cosmovitral Botanical Gardens now features hundreds of different plant species, as well as a beautiful stained-glass mural surrounding the walls of the building. Our hotel's location in Toluca is about six miles away.


There's always something new to discover when you visit Los Portales in downtown Toluca, Mexico. This hotel is about two miles from this commercial center, where three sets of arches sit along a city block. Behind the arches, there are a number of shops. We are also located near downtown Metepec, the Handicraft Market and a variety of shopping centers such as Town Square Metepec.


If you happen to be visiting Toluca in October, be sure to check out the Quimera Festival. Held annually, this public festival is an International art and cultural event, featuring a number of free showings of music, dance, theater, literature and art.

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Visit the Cosmovitral Botanical Garden and the Cathedral of Toluca. Built on the ruins of a 17th-century Franciscan convent, the Cathedral of Toluca features stunning Neoclassical elements on the facade, including a dome with a bronze statue of Saint Joseph. The cathedral is about two miles from our Toluca, Mexico hotel.

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Breathe in the fresh air at Nevado de Toluca National Park, home of the fourth tallest peak in Mexico. Our hotel's location in Toluca is a short drive away, so take a car to the crater of this extinct volcano, where you can fish in one of the two lakes.

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Yapılacak İşler

Cosmovitral Jardín Botanico

Av. Sebastián Lerdo de Tejada S/N, Centro, Toluca, México 50000

The Cosmovitral, one of the largest stained glass works in the work, is an interpretation of humanity and our relationship with the universe. Comprised by 71 stained glass modules for a total length of 3000 meters, the Cosmovitral, from the Spanish words cosmo meaning universe and vitral meaning stained glass, is the work of Mexican artist Leopoldo Flores.