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En Yakın Şehir: Wuzhen

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West Scenic Zone (Xizha)Located on the west street, focuses on business tourism and leisure vacation. Covering an area of 4.92 square kilometers, with more than 9,000 meters of river courses and 72 ancient bridges, the density of river courses and the number of stone bridges are the highest in ancient towns in China. There are 250,000 square meters of buildings in the Ming and Qing dynasty.

Yapılacak Şeyler

The beauty of Wuzhen lies in its longstanding elegance and tranquility. The winding flagstone pathways, the floating awning boats, the aged door frames and the mottled lacquer marks all reveal a charm born of the passing of time. When you walk along the canals of wuzhen, it's like walking through a picturesque Chinese painting. Enjoy West Scenic Zone and East Scenic Zone is a must choice.


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Wucun village, a historical village located 500 meters on the north side of xizha, wuzhen, is close to the grand canal, surrounded by clear water and green trees. Wucun village is suitable for touring all the year. In four seasons you will enjoy totally different natural beauty.


Crowne Plaza Wuzhen is located in famous sightseeing point, Wuzhen, you can enjoy the relax and beautiful scenery like Wu village, Mu Xin Art Museum, Jiangnan Folk Museum, Mao Dun Resident, Ancient Stage as well as various of special local cuisine such as Ding Sheng Pastry, San Bai Wine, Braised Sheep, Grey Rice Dumpling.

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