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Hotel Indigo Changsha Meixi Lake

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Savor the Tide of the Times


Explore Changsha, embrace cultures old and new, is located in the core area of the future city center of the Xiangjiang New District in Changsha. Adjacent to the Meixi Lake, the hotel is built along the water and interprets the profound cultural heritage of Changsha. It is a serene retreat in the heart of the city, created with great care for guests.

The interior design of the hotel is inspired by the elegant and scholarly lifestyle of scholars during the Song Dynasty and the hotel features 162 stylish guest rooms and suites with most of them overlooking the glittering lake. The lobby of the hotel is embellished with elements of the Song Academy, welcoming guests from all around the world with a strong humanistic atmosphere. The LU all day dining restaurant and GLEAM bar are well-versed in the local food culture of Changsha and offer a refreshing taste of the neighborhood. The gym and indoor pool on the top floor offer guests the opportunity to relax and enjoy the city's beautiful scenery while releasing their physical and mental energy. The hotel’s 650 square meters meeting space allows in natural light and it suits every occasion ranging from conferences, meetings and social events.

Stay at Hotel Indigo Changsha Meixi Lake and experience the journey of inspiration blending heritage and novelty of Changsha.


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Hotel Indigo® Changsha Meixi Lake is situated in the lively Damei Universal Center in Xiangjiang New Area, Changsha. Guests will enjoy captivating views of Yuelu Mountain in the distance and Meixi Lake close at hand.

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Phòng & Phòng Suite

Phòng nghỉ

All rooms have a distinctive design and high comfort level.

Phòng & Phòng Suite

Phòng nghỉ

All rooms have a distinctive design and high comfort level.

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Only guide dog is allowed.

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The transparent bottom and infinity design of the sky swimming pool provide guests with a unique photo slot, whether it is free diving enthusiasts or sports enthusiasts, with photos or videos to record different perspectives of life.

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From there, you will embark on a culinary journey as you savor global delicacies and local specialties while enjoying a serene view of the lake.

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Our meeting and event spaces can flex between relaxed and professional environments. They can be open or private, often adjacent to bars or restaurants, to cater for a range of occasions — from business meetings to private dining or weddings.

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