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InterContinental Lhasa Paradise

Andy Li李君
Chief Concierge

Welcome to InterContinental Lhasa Paradise! Thank you for choosing to stay here, my team and I will be dedicated to create a personalized experience for you to experience, bring you insight into the local culture, let your trip to Lhasa become a permanent memory!

Der perfekte Tag


One perfect day starts from a cup of sweet tea. In Lhasa or other areas of Tibet , drinking tea is a very important thing, without having a cup of tea you can not do anything as its a part of their regular formality, So you can find a teahouse in every conner of the city, and also you can enjoy the sun bath quietly. After having breakfast, you can go to the Potala palace, it will take about 2 - 3 hours.


Leisurely afternoon, you can come to roam at the center of the Jokhang temple, you can avoid the rush hour, watching the congregation believer in front of the Jokhang temple, feeling the power of belief. Normally there are four Tour Guides in the ticket office who are proficient in English, Chinese, Tibetan and Japanese and understands buddhist monks, they are the best Tour guides in Tibet.But generally only to team guide. If there are a fabulous opportunity to listen to them, don't miss! You need about 1-2 hours to visit Jokhang temple, around the Jokhang temple, you can come to Makye Ame which is one of the must-go place in Lhasa as its having the love story of Tsangyang Gyatso and his beloved woman(Makye Ame).


After dinner, you can visit the white stupa which is nearby Potala palace and from there you can enjoy the night view of holy land of Lhasa and with that you can enjoy the nomadic products which is non other then curd because the local people saying that it will be helpful for the proper digestions. lastly have a sound sleep with sweet dreams !

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  • Tibetan New Year

    Tibetan New Year is the most important festival there. It is an occasion when Tibetan families reunite and expect that the coming year will be a better one. Known as Losar, it starts from the first to the third day of the first Tibetan month. People eat Guthuk (barley crumb food with filling) on New Year's Eve with their families. Eating Guthuk is fun since the barley crumbs are stuffed with a different filling to fool someone in the family. Before dawn on New Year's Day, housewives get their first buckets of water for their homes and prepare breakfast. After breakfast, people dress up to go to monasteries and offer their prayers. People visit their neighborhoods and exchange their Tashi Delek blessings in the first two days. Feast is the theme during the occasion. On the third day, old prayer flags are replaced with new ones.

  • Tibetan Beer

    Tibetan beer is made of barley, has a lighter flavor than a western-type, bottled beer, since they do not use bitter hops.

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