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InterContinental Dar Al Tawhid Makkah


Inspire Your Wanderlust

There are a wealth of attractions and activities awaiting Hajj and Umrah pilgrims as they embark on their sacred pilgrimage. As the spiritual heart of Islam, the best places to visit in Makkah include Hira, Jabal Thawr, and many other religious sites.

Soak In Your Surroundings

Al Ka'abah Al Musharrafah

Al Masjid Al Haram, Makkah,

Islam's holiest shrine, the Kaaba, holds a position of unmatched importance for Muslims, drawing pilgrims and travellers from all over the world. Beyond its spiritual significance, it serves as the focal point for millions of Muslims during their daily prayers, dictating the direction they face, known as the Qibla. Deriving from the Arabic word for "cube", its symbolic, geometric form is referred to by many names, including Bayt Allah, Al Bayt, Al Bayt Al Atiq, and Al Bayt Al Haram.

ZamZam Well

Al Masjid Al Haram, Makkah,

Steeped in history, The Zamzam Well is an awe-inspiring testament to divine providence, standing as a source of water bestowed by God's benevolence. Its miraculous origin traces back to when Prophet Ibrahim's son, Ismail, cried out of thirst as a baby. Located to the east of Kaaba and close to our Makkah suites and rooms, today, the well draws millions of visitors annually, yet despite the substantial amount of water used each year, the precious well remains ever flowing.

The Exhibition of the two Holy Mosques

Old Makkah Jeddah Road, Umm Al Joud Area, Makkah,

Step into a world of wonder within the Makkah Museum's seven halls. Be welcomed with photos and models of the two Holy Mosques before entering the Hall of the Grand Mosque. In the Hall of the Kaaba, history is brought to life with the Kaaba door and Kiswa covering models. As you head into the Hall of Manuscripts, discover holy calligraphy alongside a revered copy of the Quran, handwritten by Othman. Other halls include the Hall of Zamzam and Prophet's Mosque, where a myriad of stories awaits.

Mina Muzdalifa Arafat

Aziziyah Street, Makkah,

Every year, millions of Muslims embark on a pilgrimage to undertake once-in-a-lifetime rituals with deep, religious significance. A pivotal part of this journey is their stay in Mina, a temporary tent-city, where they are united by prayer. At sunrise on the ninth of Dul-Hijjah, they then move to Arafat, where the day is spent asking for repentance and praying, before departing to Muzdalifa. When staying in Makkah, these experiences allow meaningful insight into the essence of faith.

Kiswa Cloth factory

Umm Al Joud Area, Makkah,

The Kaaba, Allah's sacred dwelling, is veiled by a black cloth called Kiswa, which is produced and changed every year at a specialized factory in Makkah called Umm Al Jood. The 658 square meter cloth comprises 670 kilograms of silver and commands a budget of around SAR 17 million to create. To beautifully inscribe the Quranic verses over the cloth requires a further 120 kilograms of pure gold and 50 kilograms of silver, encapsulating the devotion and reverence it embodies.

Ibrahim Al Khalil Road Makkah 2728 Saudi Arabia

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