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Rest assured

At Iberostar, we stand for sustainability without compromising quality and your holiday. We want you to rest easy knowing that not only is your vacation good for you, but when staying at Iberostar, you are supporting a resort chain that is leading responsible tourism.

Certified in sustaibale fishing
Towards net zero

20 years ahead of schedule

We are not doing this by buying carbon credits; instead, we have devised science-based plans to achieve this goal and continue to develop ways to actively reduce the amount of energy we use, increase the use and creation of renewable energy sources in our resorts, and invest in the restoration and stewardship of environmental resilience within the coastal zones and communities surrounding them. In 2022 alone, we reduced our energy consumption by 5.7% - the equivalent of what 6,000 homes consume in a year. Additionally, 100% of the energy used in our 39 resorts across Spain, Portugal, and Brazil, which account for more than 50% of our resorts, already come entirely from renewable sources.

Deliciously Responsible

Deliciously responsible

At our resorts, 78% of the seafood served comes from sustainable sources. In 2022 we achieved 100% responsible seafood in all 11 of our hotels in Mexico and we are on track to make that 100% by 2025. All the while improving the quality, taste, and freshness of the seafood we serve. This is possible because of our partnerships with suppliers who align with our vision, resist overly exploited species, respect the reproductive cycle, and fish responsibly coupled with our actions to locate local providers.It's how we contribute to advancing our positive actions while also delivering gastronomic excellence in every dish we serve.

Green spaces

Green spaces

Vacations are full of color and so are our resorts. We want you to feel part of the nature and local ecosystem, so we are covering over 25% of our properties' footprints with beautiful gardens to allow local species of plants and flowers to flourish and grow. Not only does this make our resort grounds more beautiful but also creates a more relaxing environment while improving biodiversity and maintaining a natural haven for wildlife.

A wave of change

A Wave of Change

We have built a dedicated research lab and filled it with leading marine scientists. Additionally, across the world, we have planted 7 coral nurseries, are nurturing 3 mangrove nurseries with 14,400 trees, and tending to 3 coastal dune nurseries. We've even embarked on dedicated initiatives such as the Posigenome Project, which uses research for the conservation of Posidonia in the Mediterranean. All of these actions are aimed at cultivating resilience in our oceans but also ensure that the beautiful beaches and crystal clear water that adorn our properties will be protected and maintained well into the future. This scientific research is also being shared and distributed throughout the scientific and hospitality community along with governments and NGOs so that we can all work cohesively to inspire change and find solutions to the world's problems, together.

Waste not

While not the most exciting topic to discuss, addressing it is essential to our reduction efforts and ambition of being entirely waste free by 2025. Therefore we are making a case against waste.

Last straw

Iberostar was one of, if not the first resort chain in the world to go single-use plastic free as of 2020. Not just in the rooms but, unless where legally required, throughout the whole resort. Each year, we now avoid using 692 metric tons of plastic, which amounts to 2 tons per day, or 41 pounds per person on a 7-night stay.

Food for the planet

Did you know that 6% of all global greenhouse gas emissions come from food waste? In our kitchens, we leverage AI to weigh and analyze all food waste created to enable optimal menu planning, so we can effectively order and prepare the proper amount of delicious, responsibly sourced fare that we serve each and every day. In the first half of 2023 alone we have reduced food waste by 28% in hotels utilising this AI technology, which equates to an annualised savings of 1.5million+ meals per year, the equivilent of over 2,500 tons of CO2 emmisions!


And on our path to be waste free by 2025, we’re uncovering better ways to repurpose. An example of these actions can be evidenced in the category-specific refuse bins lining our resorts. However, beyond these bins are entire teams dedicated to the 3 R's (Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle), painstakingly sifting through the contents to ensure maximum benefit. Some items become compost to keep our green areas greener, some are upcycled, and others still are broken down to their rawest elements to support other types of repurposing.