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InterContinental Tangshan

A very warm welcome to the InterContinental Tangshan. My concierge team and I are honoured to be at your service. We are ready to attend your every and we look forward to sharing our knowledge about the unique culture and traditions of Tangshan.

Choses à faire
Une journée parfaite.


Welcome to Tangshan, here is how you will start a perfect day in Tangshan. In the morning, you can walk 500 meters to the north of our hotel to visit Phoenix Mountain park. You can enjoy the fresh air along with birds’twitters and the scent of flowers. What’s more? You can learn sword arts, Taichi ,and other traditional Chinese activities with the locals. After you climed up to the top of the mountain, you will be astonished by the bird’s eye view of Tangshan. It is such a beautiful city which has changed for last 40 years. After visiting the park, you can directly go to the shopping malls located in the city center for shopping and food. Wanda Plaza, Tangshan department Store and In Time City are all great places for shopping.


In the afternoon, you can visit the South Lake Park. You won’t regret for you trip since the park full of beautiful sceneries and surrounded by flowers and trees. It is a natural”oxygen Bar”. Afrer this,you can also visit the Tangshan earthquake Relic site Memorial Park, Kailuan National Mine park Museum, and Tangshan Ceramic Culture and Tourism Exposition to Exposition to experience the different aspect of Tangshan.


In the evening, after dinner, you can take a walk in the Tangshan Earthquake Memorial square. Or enjoy the night views across the Huifeng lake.

Le saviez-vous ?
  • Tangshan

    Tangshan is one of the first arisen places of China’s modern industry. The first standard railway in China was the six-mile track laid between Hsukochuang and Tangshan, the first white chinaware manufactory and the first and largest cement manufactory were constructed in Tangshan as well. The city is known as “the Cradle of China’s Modern Industry” and “the Capital of Northern Chinaware”.

  • Mung Bean Gezha

    Mung Bean Gezha is one of the most famous Tangshan foods, which is an essential food for common people’s festivals, weddings and funerals, welcoming vistors and seeing them off. It is said locally that “one who hasn’t had gezha feast, cannot be considered as having been to Tangshan”

  • Qianxi Chestnut

    Qianxi chestnut referring to the Chinese chestnut grown in Qianxi district of Tangshan, has a long history dating back to 2000 years ago. It has bright color shell, easily peeled skin, yellowish nuts, delicate flesh, tastes sweet and crisp.

  • Pieces caly oven rolls

    Pieces caly oven rolls- the shape of a snare drum and size of chess win the name. It contains the lard and sesame oil, with meat, sugar, sausage, ham and other assorted substance as the stuffing. It has a golden color and been baked crispy thoroughly, and has delicious meat stuffing. The crispy palatability is not greasy, and it is easy to preserve.

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