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Tamanaco Caracas

Default Concierge image


Gabriel Cisneros

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My name is Gabriel Cisneros and I am Chief Concierge at the Tamanaco InterContinental Caracas. The location of our hotel offers visitors a spectacular view of the city, an epic pool, beautiful gardens, and the best service that any hotel in Caracas can provide.

The Hotel is located 45 minutes from the Caracas International Airport Simon Bolivar, it is a architecture icon of the city wich was build in the year 1953 and also the first Intercontinental in the world, and located in a mordern district. there is also we have a huge variety of local and international gastronomic.





In recent years, Caracas has grown at breathtaking speed and its skyscrapers now rival any modern city. Located in a wondrous mountain valley amidst awe-inspiring mountains, the views are utterly spectacular. Breakfast in Caracas should be spent watching the sun slowly peer over the city and our own restaurant, Café; Cacique serves a traditional Venezuelan breakfast. Mornings are perhaps the calmest time in this busy city and my favourite time to watch the mountains change from silhouettes, as the light transforms them into their full range of lush colour. You can visit the mountains by a cable car - the ride is called the 'Avila magical' and with good reason. Although it only lasts twenty minutes, it feels like you arrive in another world.


If you want to delve right into the city you can head to the old town. The best taste of the Spanish colonial period is the Colonial Art Museum, a period house with exquisite art, furniture and historical artefacts. The mansion is in the middle of a wonderful garden almost as spectacular as the house itself. If you're enjoying this historical genre, you should travel to a little town in the southeast of Caracas called El Hatillo. One of the best preserved towns in Venezuela, it has an almost provincial feel to it, with a magnificently preserved Catholic church. If you want to stay for a while, you can have a traditional Pablo Creole lunch in a classic Venezuelan style.


Sunsets in Caracas paint the sky a brilliant pink. For a truly authentic Venezuelan eating experience, there is no better place than the family-run Bar Basque. This place serves original Basque banquets made by a family who pass secret recipes down the generations. Salt cod stew, artichokes, Spanish sausages and Basque specialities like xakoli and kokoxas are served in an atmosphere you simply could not create. The warmth of a true family from grandmother Blanca Royo to grandson Carlos Navas creates an easy atmosphere in which to relax and to find a family away from family is a little bit special too.



Enjoy our tropical weather and have fun in our city


Simon Bolivar's house

The birthplace of Simon Bolivar is a seventeenth-century house in Caracas, Venezuela. At the present time, this house is a museum of this independence hero, and is very attractive for tourists.

Transport Museum

The Transport Museum has 6 differents collections of cars, railways, airplanes, etc . This museum is located next to the Parque del este in Santa Cecilia Caracas, Venezuela.

Panteon Nacional

Issued on 27 March 1874 by President Antonio Guzmán Blanco, the Church of the Holy Trinity of Caracas was transformed into the National Pantheon, in order to preserve the remains of the heroes and the eminent persons of Independence . In relation to the old church, it had been built by Juan Domingo Infante Sacramento in the mid eighteenth century, but was almost totally destroyed by the earthquake of 1812. There are niches with statues of Francisco de Miranda and Antonio José de Sucre, respectively. Among other niches, arranged along the longitudinal walls, there are memorials to the First Republic, José Gregorio Monagas, the Federation, Andrés Bello, José Antonio Paez, the Declaration of the Republic of Venezuela, Rafael Urdaneta and José Mara Vargas.

Venezuelan Coffee

Do you like coffee? In Venezuela the most important and popular drink is coffee.

Tamanaco Caracas
  • Avenida Principal De Las Mercedes
  • Caracas , 1060-A
  • Venezuela
  • Recepción +58-212-9097111 +2

  • Direcciones para conducir
  • Transporte
  • Estacionamiento

Idiomas hablados

German, English, Spanish, French, Italian

Normas de las mascotas

Comuníquese con el hotel para conocer los detalles.

    11:03 p.m.

      3:00 PM

      12:00 PM Salida tardía Disponible
    • Recepción Nocturna Disponible


    • Venezuelan Bolívar Fuerte (VEF)


    • Estacionamiento