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컨시어지 가이드

Alejandro Scherzer


환영합니다 Buenos Aires

On behalf of the InterContinental Nordelta Tigre team, it is a pleasure to welcome you to our hotel. We are here to help you experience Tigre and its surroundings from a local's perspective. Feel free to stop by our Concierge Desk anytime during your stay.

Our hotel is located in Nordelta´s exclusive and calm area, buildings are low and combine with the local nature, this creates a warm and safe enviroment for you to enjoy during your stay. All the spots at the hotel have natural light, and broad sights, specially those oriented to the Bahía Grande (bay), such as our Deluxe Suites or B-76 Bar. Outdoor pool from Dec 1st to April 1st

호텔 찾아가는 방법


완벽한 하루


Start the day wondering around the colorful Fruit and Craft Market. There are plenty of souvenir shops to visit and cafes to enjoy a lovely breakfast by the riverside. Afterwards, the best option for lunch is to take a private boat tour to a traditional restaurant inside the Delta. El Gato Blanco is a charming restaurant, located half an hour of navigation from the center of Tigre city. On the ride you will be able to appreciate the typical landscape and adorable island houses built on stills and get an idea of the unique lifestyle in the Delta


Once you return to the city, take a nice walk along Paseo Victorica, where you will see a beautiful river sidewalk adorned by a boulevard of restaurants, rowing clubs and museums. While you are there, visit Tigre’s Art Museum (MAT), an exquisite building full of history that dazzles with a permanent collection of Argentinean art of the 19th and 20th centuries. If you are with the kids the best option for the afternoon is to go to de la Costa Amusement Park, one of the most important in Latin America, where you can ride a roller coaster or watch a fountain show, amongst its many attractions. Before dinner, get a late snack or drink at the B-76 bar at the hotel. There is no better scenery to enjoy an enchanting nightfall.


Pumper yourself with a magnificent dinner at Il Novo María del Lujan Tigre. It is a tasteful restaurant that serves international specialties, homemade pastas and seafood. You can enjoy your evening on their winter garden or lovely terrace by Lujan river shore. We’ll be pleased to book a table for you at the Concierge Desk. If after this wonderful day you are feeling lucky, take a chance on the Trilenium Casino for some entertainment.

내부자 정보

현지 문화

From Buenos Aires

There is an exclusive service of private boats that arrive from Puerto Madero, the very heart of Buenos Aires city. To dodge the traffic and start out your relaxing stay from the beginning of your journey we highly recommend this option.

Visiting the Delta

The Delta offers a landscape rich with lush vegetation and unique game. It is not possible to get here by car or walking, just by boat. People that live in the Delta permanently use the “lancha colectiva”, a local boat that works as if it was a bus in the city. If you’d like to visit the Delta with a private boat, stop by our Concierge Desk any time during your stay, so that we can recommend or book the most suitable option for you. The best part is you can get on the boat at the hotels entrance due to it´s proximity to the Nordelta´s Bahía Grande.


The tip is not included in the bill of bars and restaurants. An appropriate tip would be about 10 percent of the bill.


The hotel has a select service of cars and vans, that will be available whenever you may require them, for a more comfortable and safe transportation.

Moonlight evenings

On full moon evenings, there are romantic dinners onboard private ships that sail up to the Río de la Plata, the world’s widest river. Enjoy of the beautiful landscape of Buenos Aires city glowing against the dark horizon. You can also do canoeing tours with your friends. You will fall in love with the magic and the local legends on these moonlit evenings.

알고 계시나요? ?

Fruit and craft market

Although it was created as a fruit reception for goods from the Delta, now a days this open-air mall offers a variety of products made of materials such as wood, cane and wicker. The air carries the delicious scent of different dining options and the hubbub of the busy shoppers and boats touring around. Although it has evolved, it hasn’t lost its natural warmth and simplicity.


The first official rowing boat race was on December the 10th in 1873 with the presence of Sarmiento President on Luján River. This event brought the participation of a lot of people from different nationalities that later on set up their own rowing clubs. Now a days rowing is a very representative activity in Tigre.

담을 아이템

Photo camara

Treasure the landscape, the lovely architecture and the game in your memories.

Tennis shoes

If you are planning to do outdoor activities or go shopping to the Fruit and Craft Market, it is a good idea to pack comfortable shoes.

Insect repellent

Carry insect repellent. If you are coming on summer always apply it to your body before going out to enjoy your activities.

InterContinental Nordelta Tigre - Buenos Aires

  • Avenida Del Puerto 240
  • Buenos Aires , 1670
  • 아르헨티나
  • 프런트 데스크 +54-11-48719444 +9444

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German, English, Spanish, Portuguese

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