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컨시어지 가이드

Niphar Apamo

Assistant Front office Manager 254203200000275

환영합니다 Nairobi

On behalf of the entire InterContinental Nairobi Team, it's a pleasure to welcome you to Nairobi. However long your stay, we would like to help you make the most of it and ensure you have a fantastic time experiencing Kenya the local way!

All 380 Air-conditioned, non-smoking rooms have 24 hour Room Service, Satellite TV, Mini-bar and Telephone.Located on the Sixth Floor, theClub InterContinental Lounge allows Club Room guests private check-in and complimentary continental breakfast buffet and internet. Our restaurants include: Indian Bhandini, Plantation, Terrace,and Makuti Bar. The Health Club has fully qualified fitness instructors and facilities such as sauna, gym equipment, among others.

호텔 찾아가는 방법


완벽한 하루


A beautiful day would start with a cup of freshly brewed hot Kenyan coffee or tea at the hotels Plantation restaurant with the Chef's Special room service breakfast from the hotel. An early morning game drive around the park will take you to various points which include the hippo point, the park view point and the famous ivory burning site monument - famed for the torching of 10 tons of ivory worth Kshs. 60 million, in a bid to eliminate the mass slaughter of Africa's elephants for their tusks. The National Park gives you a feel of the wildnerness and is the ideal spot for nature lovers. Share the early morning savanna chill with the predators as they stealthily hunt their prey. Enjoy the magical Kenyan sunrise as the rest of the park slowly sprouts to life with a robust variety of wild animals.


Enjoy a sumptuous lunch under the shades and cool breeze of the Karen Blixen Gardens , this would be ideal as you unwind the morning events while you watch the birds and butterflies as you dine. On week-ends and holidays numerous live music groups featuring African Music or Easy Listening Music play for additional enjoyment or relaxed dining by the fish pond with waterfall. Karen Blixen Cottages is only three kilometres from the Institute of Primate Research, an 800 acre designated wildlife sanctuary managed by the National Museums of Kenya. Nature walks and horse back riding through the sanctuary can be arranged as excursions with views of the beautiful Ngong Hills.


End your perfect day at The Carnivore - ‘Africa's Greatest Dining Experience'. Every type of meat conceivable is roasted (Nyama Choma) over charcoal and carved at your table. Set in beautiful tropical gardens, the service and the décor are exceptional.The Carnivore is also home of the Simba Saloon, a delicious restaurant by day and Nairobi's most popular nightclub. The relaxed indoor/outdoor atmosphere, delectable snacks and the pulsating rhythms of Africa blend to guarantee an exciting ambiance. A must try for the young and young at heart!

내부자 정보

현지 문화

Dress Code

Naiorbi has typical equatorial climate and cutlural conservertive way of dressing.


It is polite in the Kenyan culture to offer a greeting and shake hands.


Photography of the State House government institutions & military installations is prohibited in some cases. It is polite to always ask before taking pictures of local people.


It is advisable to avoid wearing jewellery and talking to strangers. The use of hotel taxis is highly recommended and it is probably safer to avoid walking in the city after 6pm.

알고 계시나요? ?

Hot Springs

Marvel at Lake Bogoria's hot springs and even take some cooking lessons. There is plenty of birdlife and game to see, including flamingos, the Great Kudu, leopards, gazelles and buffalos.

Maasai Mara

The Maasai Mara National Reserve is 270km from Nairobi. Every year people from all over the world come to see the migration of over 1,000,000 wildebeest following the rains north from the Serengeti.

Mount Kenya

Mount Kenya is the highest mountain in Kenya and the second highest in Africa. This extinct volcano lies in the central highlands and is one of the few places in Africa that has permanent glaciers near the equator.

Lake Nakuru

Lake Nakuru, home to a vast number of pink flamingoes, has been described as the world's greatest bird spectacle.

Rift Valley

The Rift valley is one of the wonders of the world. It is 6000 km long. It stretches from Syria and Lebanon in the Middle East down through Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi to the lower Zambezi River Valley in Mozambique.

담을 아이템


Nairobi is pleasantly known as the City under the Sun. There are so many photo opportunities in Kenya, ranging from the people to the scenery and local culture.

Insect repellent

Sunscreen lotion, sunglasses and a hat are essential during the day. If you plan to travel outside of Nairobi it is recommended to take antimalarial medication prior to travel.


Though most Kenyans speak English it is recommended that you carry a small dictionary or learn a few key phrases in Swahili.


We recommend you change your money into local currency at the hotel cashier. Major international credit cards are accepted in Kenya and most Automated Teller Machines can accept international VISA and MASTERCARD credit cards.

InterContinental Nairobi

  • City Hall Way
  • Nairobi , 00200
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  • 프런트 데스크 +254-20-3200000

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German, English, French

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