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Groups & Meetings | IHG

Groups & Meetings

Groups & meetings

Why Choose an IHG Hotel for Your Meeting or Event?

Why choose an IHG hotel for your meeting or event?

IHG helps meetings and group events guests by offering a dedicated meetings professional to give you one-on-one assistance throughout your planning and event process. Learn more about why you should choose IHG hotels for meetings and group events.


How to Book an IHG Hotels Meeting or Event

How to book an IHG hotels meeting or event

Learn what to expect from our online RFP process and book your meeting or group event when you’re ready. You’ll also find contact information if you’d prefer to call to set up your meeting or event.


IHG® Business Rewards

IHG® Business Rewards

Reap the rewards of your meetings or group events at IHG hotels. Learn about the extra benefits you can enjoy for simply taking care of business and join our Business Rewards® program today.


Ready to book?

Email us (
Call us at 1-800-MEETING

Outside the US?

Tel. No. US/Canada: 1-800-633-8464 or 1-800-652-3705
Tel. No. Outside US/Canada: 1-801-606-5932

Mexico, Central and South America
(Spanish & Portuguese)
Tel. No. Mexico: 01800 1 476877
Tel. No. Brasil: 0800 892 3420

Europe, Middle East and Africa

United Kingdom:
Tel. No.: 44 (0)871-942-9200

France: 805 638 456

Germany: 0800 724 3924

Italy: 800 149 834

Netherlands: 8000224697

Spain: 800 600 947

Russia: 499 350 4362

Asia Pacific Asia

Tel. No. Australia: +61-2-9935-8175
Tel. No. New Zealand +61-2-9935 8174
Tel. No. India: 1800-103-3066 Ext. 481587
Tel. No. Indonesia: 007-803-0852-0012
Tel. No. Malaysia: 1800-80-1881 Ext. 481587
Tel. No. Philippines: 1800-1651-8888 Ext. 481587
Tel. No. Singapore: 1800-787-1221 Ext. 481587
Tel. No. Thailand: 001-800-656-888 Ext. 481587

Greater China
Tel. No. in Mainland China: 400 88 55 238
Tel. No. outside China:   +86 21 2033 4926
Fax No. : +86 20 3428 9288

Tel. No. Japan +81-3-6832-4212

Tel No. Korea (007) 9885 238055


Already have a group code?

Once you have received a Group Code from your meeting planner, you can make your reservation following these simple steps:

1. Visit or any of our brand sites and search for your hotel by city. From the list of results, click on the hotel where your group is being accommodated.

2. Once you reach the page for that individual hotel, click on the “Have a Group Code?” link to enter your code.

3. Just above the Group Code, be sure to enter your dates of travel.

4. Choose “Check Availability”.

Please note, group rates are subject to availability. If you need further assistance, contact the hotel directly and speak to Group Sales.