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ANA InterContinental Ishigaki Resort

Concierge head shot
Aya Yonekura

Welcome to the home of the rare blue coral reef of Shiraho, one of the world’s biggest and oldest blue coral reefs. The island is also celebrated for its arts, handicrafts and starry skies. Let us guide you to ensure the best trip our guests will experience.

Things to do
The Perfect Day


Start the day with a delicious breakfast at the SunCoast Cafe or the Japanese restaurant Yaeyama. Then spend a few hours at neighbouring Taketomijima with a ride on a water buffalo cart inside the village. And try a bowl of Yaeyama soba (a local specialty) for lunch.


Once back at the hotel, try the snorkel tour. Or if you'd rather give yourself extra care, choose from one of the many esthetic courses offered and get ready for dinner.


For dinner, endulge in Ishigaki beef at the Teppanyaki restaurant Omoto. Or talk to the concierge team and they'll have plenty of suggestions about small places you can go to for some local food experience.

Did You Know?
  • A little bit of history

    What is now the prefecture of Okinawa used to be the independant kingdom of Ryukyu until 1609 when a clan from southern Japan invaded the islands. Until then, Ryukyu was in the center of trade between South-east Asia, Taiwan, China, Korea and Japan, and as such, had a distinct culture. Although nowdays considered a part of Japan, there are still important remnants of a non-Japanese culture which together with its geographical location make Okinawa, and of course Ishigaki, a different Japan inside Japan.

  • Green Papayas

    Papayas are often thought of as fruit, and of course they are. But the people of Ishigaki and Okinawa eat them more as a vegetable than as a fruit. Unripe green papayas are peeled and cut to be pickled, cooked in stir fried dishes or used in simmered dishes. This is why when you go to the local market, you'll see more green unripe papayas than yellow ones. The taste? Not bad at all! Try a dish while you're here!

  • Local Tofu

    If you're into tofu, you'll want to try the local tofu while you are here. It is much firmer than the Japanese tofu and is great in stir-fried dishes. Tofu no Higa is one of the oldest tofu shops in Ishigaki: they make it daily and you can also eat it there. BTW, the local tofu is called shima-dofu (or island tofu).

  • Latitudes and distances

    Did you know that Ishigaki's latitude is 24.33 degrees? Honolulu's is 21.26 and Miami's is 25.72! See how tropical we are !! And about distances: Ishigaki is 2,000km from Tokyo but a mere 275km from Taipei in Taiwan! Wow!

  • Brown Sugar

    One of the main agricultural products on Ishigaki is sugar cane. Brown sugar is often offered instead of candies as it is an excellent source of minerals and vitamins. It is readily found at the local supermarkets.

What to Pack