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You’ve planned, you’ve booked, you’ve earned… now it’s time to enjoy the rewards you deserve. You can redeem for personal or company rewards such as hotel stays, retail vouchers, digital downloads, office supplies, meeting credits and much more from the IHG® Rewards Club online redemption catalogue.

Redemption options include:


Reward Nights

Air Miles
Retail Vouchers
Meetings Credits


And there’s more. View all my reward options.


The IHG® Business Rewards Meetings* Credits Pre paid MasterCard


You can choose to have your points loaded onto an IHG® Business Rewards Meetings Credits Pre-paid MasterCard that can be used for future bookings across selected countries. Members can use meeting credits for any charges that are incurred at an IHG property at their next meeting or for a weekend away. Find out more


*Meeting credit prepaid MasterCard is available to redeem in certain countries cards terms and conditions apply


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