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InterContinental TianjinYujiapuHotel&Residences

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Welcome to InterContinental Tianjin Yujiapu Hotel & Residences! With our "In the Know" service culture, we are pleased to share local information with guests, allowing you to fully enjoy Tianjin.

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After breakfast, get ready to go. The destination is Tianjin Haichang Polar Ocean Park, which is composed of polar fauna exhibition area, marine animal exhibition area, underwater world, anhydrous ocean, shark exhibition area, coral exhibition area, jellyfish exhibition area, science popularization interactive exhibition area. The performance venue named Fun Theatre consists of nine exhibition areas. At noon, you can go to Beitang Seafood Street to eat seafood.


After a full meal, you can visit the Beitang Ancient Town, which blends tourism, culture, commerce and historical relics, and perfectly matches the ancient cultural accumulation with the modern tourism leisure. The ancient town is divided into the core business district, Phoenix Street, Gujiu Lane, Shuang Lei Square, Qinghe Guanlan Academy, a total of six regions.


Enjoy Tianjin famous steamed bun at "Go Believe", the original restaurant was opened in 1858. Its characteristics well-selected materials, thin filling large, taste mellow and fresh palatability.

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  • Tianjin Ancient Culture Street

    Ancient Cultural Street is located in Nankai District of Tianjin, with Tianhou Palace as the center, south of Shuige Street and north to Tongbei Road. It is the focus of famous old brands and handicraft shops in Tianjin, and one of the places to be visited by Tianjin. There are many old shops in Tianjin on the street, with rich folk characteristics. Shopping can also enjoy Tianjin special food, Goubuli steamed bun etc.

  • Tianjin Cuisine

    Goubuli steamed bun was founded in the Qing Dynasty Xianfeng years, is the "Tianjin three absolute" the first. It not only uses fine material, good taste, but also special crayons on the workmanship, each steamed bun is 18 folds, to taste friends can count. In addition to the traditional taste of pork steamed bun, three fresh steamed bun, there are seafood steamed bun, wild vegetable steamed bun, crab steamed bun and other six series, more than 100 varieties.

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