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IHG® Rewards Club Offers - Exclusive Member Offers


Stay at IHG and Earn Towards Flights
IHG® Rewards Club Members can earn miles for their stays

IHG® Rewards Club members – who are also members of a partner airline frequent-flyer club – may choose to earn airline miles or points instead of IHG® Rewards Club points for their qualifying stays. Earning rates vary per airline.


Earning Miles for your stays at IHG® Hotels & Resorts is as easy as 1,2,3



Select an airline partner from the list below to learn more about your earning details.



Change your earning preferences from points to miles in your IHG® Rewards Club Account.



Book your stay at IHG® Hotels and Resorts and start earning miles for you preferred airline.

Already have IHG® Rewards Club Points that you want to convert to miles?

We made it easy to earn the rewards you want! Just call your local IHG® Rewards Club Service Center to convert your IHG® Rewards Club points to miles from one of our select airline partners.

United States and Canada
Telephone: 1-888-211-9874
Fax: 1-800-725-8232
TDD: 1-800-334-5194

Telephone: 800-272-9273
Fax: 800-725-8232

Don't see your current location?

Visit Customer Care for additional contact information.

Select an airline partner

Click on an airline partner below to get details on their miles earning rate.