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Kaohsiung Hotels

Find your Perfect Hotel in Kaohsiung

  • Crowne Plaza Tainan

    Crowne Plaza Tainan

    289 Zhouping Road, Anping District
    Tainan, 70841, Taiwan
    • Parking
  • Hotel Indigo Kaohsiung Central Park

    Hotel Indigo Kaohsiung Central Park

    No. 4 Zhongshan 1st Road, Xinxing District
    Kaohsiung, Taiwan
    • Parking
  • Holiday Inn Express Kaohsiung Love River

    Holiday Inn Express Kaohsiung Love River

    No. 129, Dazhi Road, Yancheng District
    Kaohsiung City, 803, Taiwan
    • Parking
  • InterContinental Kaohsiung

    InterContinental Kaohsiung

    No. 33, Xinguang Rd., Qianzhen Dist.
    Kaohsiung, 806023, Taiwan
    • Parking

Travel Guide Intro

Experience IHG Hotels in Kaohsiung

Kaohsiung, an “incredibly romantic city of love” according to the songs of various Taiwanese bands, is also a port city where clear water, white sands, blue skies, and green sea proliferate. Wherever you walk, your eyes will be treated to the charms of this azure port city, such as silver sands and green waves that ebb and flow with the tide, luxuriant green trees, and modern buildings with retro styles. Riding along the golden coastline, you can not only visit the Love Pier, a much-used movie location, you can also relax and enjoy the sunset and visit the Love River by boat, and enjoy your leisure time at Xizi Bay behind the National Sun Yat-sen University. You can also step in under the splendid display of the “Dome of Light”, and then climb the Tuntex Sky Tower to look over the whole city, or taste some delicious food at the Liuhe night market to round off your visit. As you explore, following the gentle voice of Axin, the incredible Kaohsiung will reveal itself before your eyes, one piece at a time.

A Very Romantic Port City
Kaohsiung is located at the foot of a mountain, facing the sea. Its main urban area is located on the flat coast to the west, while the eastern part is continuous mountains, with a large expanse of primitive forest and a backdrop of canyons. The Love River slowly winds its way through Gushan, Yancheng, Chienchin and other old urban areas, while providing the “Love City” Kaohsiung with an abundance of romantic settings, including the Valentine’s Viewing Platform in front of Martyry, Valentine’s Battlements beside Xizi Bay, and the sacred places of the Gulou District. Other places of interest include the Urban Spotlight, and the artistic Holy Rosary Church which characterizes the literary and arty Chienchin District. The Pier-2 Art Center and the Love Pier are also two destinations that must be visited in Yancheng District.

The coastal scenery in the old town will tempt you to while away an hour or two, as its variety of views are definitely worth exploring. Whether you are visiting Qishan Old Street and Mino for a tour of ancient relics, or exploring the Laonong Brook and the Valley of Love in search of a secluded spot among the natural beauty of mountain forests, this area will certainly not disappoint.

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Eating in Kaohsiung, and Tasting Taiwan-style Delicacies
While representative of the cities of southern Taiwan and their delicacies, Kaohsiung is famous for its snacks and seafood. Snacks in the Liuhe Night Market have enjoyed a good reputation for many years, while seafood on Chichin Island tastes fresh and delicious. The Liuhe Night Market, with its long history, is also called the “Taiwan Super Popular Night Market” together with Shihlin Night Market in Taipei. In this market, nearly 200 stalls are arranged from the starting point on the street through to the end of a lane. The richness and sheer diversity of the delicacies, from bread bowls and oyster omelets through to seafood porridge and stinky tofu, never fail to impress visitors. The Zheng Old Papaya Milk, which has been sampled by many actors and actresses, is a taste experience worth trying, though you may have to queue in line for a while to do so.

You can also take a boat to Seafood Street on the Cijin Peninsula. Over there, you can pick up some Kaohsiung seafood from the starting point on the street through to the end of the lane, and enjoy some seriously delicious food. In seafood restaurants with their numerous signboards, fresh and live seafood can be found in cylinders, and crabs, tubules and mullet roes, three kinds of seafood delicacies on the Peninsula, are available for your choosing and for cooking. A taste of Kaohsiung is nothing without such delicacies.


Setting off from the Love Rivers estuary, you can travel along the west coast by bicycle. At the Love Pier, you can reenact the more renowned, sweeter scenes of your movie idols which were dramatically filmed here. Along Fisherman’s Wharf, you can spend a leisurely afternoon enjoying the ocean breeze in an open-air café. At dusk, head for Xizi Bay, where you can watch the sun slowly set into the sea. The shapes of human figures can just about be made out on Valentine’s Bank after sunset, and is a veritable feast for the eyes.

The Former British Consulate at Takao, located on the hill beside Xizi Bay, has white windows, red walls, and is surrounded by lush green grass. People are fascinated by its typical British style and its location under a Roman vault. While sipping a cup of “Consuls Lady Afternoon Tea” on the second floor, you can enjoy panoramic and charming views of Kaohsiung’s downtown area and port.

The Cijin Peninsula is a popular resort for local people. It is only a five-minute boat ride from Gushan Ferry Station. You can ride a bicycle in the sea breeze to visit the Chijin Tianhou Temple, the old fort barbettes, Beacon Tower and other scenic spots. If you are a little weary, you can hop on a traditional tricycle and head to an old bustling fish market, and take a stroll around it, to witness firsthand the island life of yesteryear.

Leisurely Enjoying Life at a Slower Pace While Staying in Kaohsiung
In Kaohsiung, with its modern and literary temperament, there is a choice of exquisite and comfortable luxury hotels with a strong focus on quality, providing welcoming accommodation replete with Kaohsiungs character combined with unique originality. Regardless of where you choose to stay, you will experience the leisurely and comfortable pace of life in this small southern city.

If you stay at the Central Park, Urban Spotlight as well as the New Jyuejiang Shopping Area and Jcafe - an online star Internet café, together with other unmissable landmarks are all close by. If you choose a hotel in this area, you are not only close to the busy and romantic heart of Kaohsiungs downtown, but you can also experience to catch a feel of the Kaohsiung lifestyle, which is full of designer flair. The Hotel Indigo Kaohsiung Central Park, which is just opposite the Central Park Station, is a dream location for tourists who love Kaohsiung culture. Its interior decor is inspired by the containers of Kaohsiung Port, and its unique loft style is simply a heavenly piece of art, and has been championed by artists, entrepreneurs, and people from the fashion, film and television industries.

When visiting Taiwan, its characteristic residential areas with rich humanity are certainly worth a look. As a landmark building in southern Taiwan, the Tuntex Sky Tower is surrounded by many residential spots each of which have their own unique originality. With personalized and exquisite designs in the homes, the beautiful harbor scenery, and local residents hospitality, authentic Kaohsiung life lies right before your eyes.

Zuoying Station offers very convenient transport services. The high-speed railway, Taiwan railway, MRT, buses and several other lines pass through Zuoying Station. It is not only convenient for going to Kenting or Taipei, but you can also easily reach the Ruifeng night market, Kaohsiung Dome Stadium, the Heart of the Love River, and other scenic spots in just ten minutes via public transport, so choosing a hotel nearby is recommended.


Don’t Miss the Following Destinations in Kaohsiung
Can a person fall in love with a city simply by taking one stop on the subway? The wonder of Kaohsiung lies herein. The Beautiful Island MRT station - which is listed among the top eight most beautiful subway stations, together with Moors station, Stockholm, Sweden, and other MRT stations - is a popular location which features in scenes from many Taiwanese movies. The “Dome of Light”, an artistic masterpiece made from 4,500 pieces of stained glass, is the heart of Kaohsiung. Its richly colored lights and shadows constantly change their shapes and patterns, as night music drifts out from a grand piano, dazzling passersby.

The Pier-2 Art Center is praised by CNN as one of the ten reasons for “falling in love with Kaohsiung”. The abandoned container terminal has been revitalized, with artists’ innovative designs transforming it into a space that integrates art with music, food, and culture. Imaginative wall graffiti, art installations, and novel exhibitions such as the Kaohsiung Design Festival and the Delight of Character Festival have turned Pier-2 into an unmissable artistic landmark.

The Kaohsiung Eye is many peoples first choice when visiting the scenic coastal area of Kaohsiung. As the Ferris wheel trundles slowly around, the skyline of Kaohsiung unfolds before you, and, at just the right time, the flow of traffic miraculously transforms into a show of neon lights and shadows. An actor’s affectionate confession in a famous movie was also revealed here.


Shopping around Kaohsiung with its Finger on the Pulse of International Fashion Trends
As an international port, Kaohsiung has developed a shopping culture where European, American, Japanese as well as local shopping cultures have been mixed and blended together. The Dream Mall has become an emerging Kaohsiung shopping and tourist destination, with its unique design that gives it a streamlined fish shape, as well as the Kaohsiung Eye. The UKs Marks and Spencer, Toys ‘R’ Us from the U.S.A, Daiso Department Store from Japan, and other large high-street stores, have helped to shape the international shopping atmosphere of the Dream Mall. Here you can find almost everything, from famous international products to the latest trends and fast fashion items.

Just like Ximending in Taipei and Harajuku in Japan, the New Jyuejiang Shopping Area is the home of trendy fashion in Kaohsiung. Its headline styles are highlighted by avant-garde trendy brands and boutique clothing. The Yujhu shopping area adjacent to the New Jyuejiang has a similar style to its neighbor. The entire block is taken over by the Harajuku style.

The E-Da Outlet Mall has become a new landmark for shoppers and holiday-makers, due to the direct marketing drives of the international boutiques located here. Hundreds of world-renowned brands leave people a little overwhelmed, and unable to take everything in.


How to Get There
Kaohsiung has one airport and two major train stations. Kaohsiung International Airport is about 7.5 km from the city center. It takes less than 20 minutes by the MRT red-line to reach the urban area. Kaohsiung is an important gateway to southern Taiwan.

The Zuoying Station with its high-speed railway and the New Zuoying Station with the Taiwan railway, are two major railway hubs in Kaohsiung. These two stations and the Zuoying MRT station are located in the same station, so there is no need for a transfer between the high-speed railway, the Taiwan railway and the MRT, which are all in easy reach within the station. Zuoying Station is located at the foot of Banping Mountain, in Zuoying District. It takes about 10-15 minutes to reach the downtown area. If you take the red line, there are only seven stations to the Beautiful Island Station. From here, traveling to all destinations is very convenient.

In Kaohsiung, youll find romantic scenery, innumerable snacks and delicacies, silver screen locations, and so much more. The incredible Kaohsiung has countless joys and surprises in store for you.


Visiting Beautiful Kaohsiung on a Nighttime Tour
Kaohsiung’s nights are full of bright lights, shadows and the harbors beacon tower all complementing each other. The Shin Kong Terminal and Heart of the Love River, with water and lamp lights adding radiance and beauty, are two places that should not be missed. If a panoramic view of Kaohsiung’s charming night is what youre looking for, the Tuntex Sky Tower and the Kaohsiung Eye are popular choices. Dagangshan is a scenic spot loved by local people for its private scenic view. The sky bars also have visitors coming and going in a continuous stream. If youre able to head up to Pier No.1, at the rooftop sky bar of the Indigo Hotel Kaohsiung Central Parkfor a drink and some snacks, you will find Kaohsiung especially charming at this time. You can enjoy the nighttime view of the harbor while drinking an original cocktail mixed with local flavors.

Experiencing nighttime in the love city at Fisherman’s Wharf beside the Kaohsiung Harbor is also very interesting. Here you can find open-air bars and cafés converted from various warehouses near the wharf, where bands sing on a daily basis. At the wharf, where the lights of fishing boats sparkle in the night, you can enjoy the stunning nightlife on offer in this southern city, while drinking a glass of wine, and enjoying the soft music.

Whether it is the Liuhe Night Market which mainly provides diverse delicacies, the Ruifeng night market which is a hit with the locals, or the Guanghua Night Market with mostly old-style restaurants, they are all excellent spots for a midnight snack. In such places, you can order authentic Taiwan delicacies which will satisfy your nighttime cravings.

Artistic Kaohsiung with Both Traditional and Avant-garde Arts and Literature
Mino Town, located in the northeast corner of Kaohsiung, is the epitome of Hakka culture in Kaohsiung. Here you will find traditional red brick gatehouses, old courtyard residences, old handicraft shops, and so on. When you walk into the old Yongan Street, which has witnessed Mino’s history which spans more than two hundred years, its as if you are walking through a tunnel to the past. You can still see the ancient life of the old Hakka people. Authentic Hakka delicacies, such as Pork with Salted Vegetables, Large Intestines with Ginger, and other ancient Hakka flavors, will leave fantastic flavors lingering in your mouth.

From design to music, the Pier-2 Art Center has become an artistic landmark in Kaohsiung. A variety of art exhibitions are occasionally held here, while pop singers and independent musicians perform on weekends. Also, listening to a live music concert in a huge warehouse is a special Kaohsiung experience.

There are various styles of bookstores and libraries in Kaohsiung. The Yuanbai Store of the Eslite Bookstore chain is known far and wide. It is a holy grail for book lovers and a flagship experience as a museum of Eslite life aesthetics. The Kaohsiung Main Public Library, “which has trees in the library and a library in the trees”, has become a new landmark of Kaohsiung culture with its rich book collections and reading spaces, which have all been well designed.

Kaohsiung Hotels Frequently Asked Questions


Absolutely! Many of the IHG hotels in Kaohsiung offer family-friendly amenities such as connecting rooms and kids' menus. Check with the individual hotel for more information about their family-friendly offerings.


Yes, many IHG hotels in Kaohsiung are pet-friendly and welcome furry friends! Some hotels offer pet amenities, including pet beds and treats as well as information about pet relief areas. Select hotels may charge additional fees per pet staying at the hotel.  For more information on hotel specific pet policies,. visit the amenities page on the hotel's website.


Many of the IHG hotels in Kaohsiung offer complimentary breakfast. Check the hotel's website to find out more details as they may vary by brand and locations.


IHG Hotels offer a variety of amenities such as free Wi-Fi, fitness centers, business centers, restaurants/bars, swimming pools, and much more! Check the hotel's amenities page on their website for more information on the specific amenities offered.


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You can find discounted rates on select IHG hotels in Kaohsiung by visiting the hotel website's offers page for property-specific deals or the last minute deals page for IHG partner deals and perks around the world. Additionally, many of the hotels offer special packages and promotions throughout the year. Learn more about IHG's Best Price Guarantee.


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Kaohsiung Hotels Information
IHG hotels in Kaohsiung 4
Total IHG hotel rooms in Kaohsiung 705
Kaohsiung hotel average price range $165.91–$353.54 USD per night
Total Kaohsiung hotel reviews 5,281
IHG Kaohsiung hotels average review rating 4.53