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Loyalty Program | IHG® Rewards Club


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How to book

Booking using our online tool

You work hard to plan and deliver great events, and now, it’s even easier to book and earn rewards. Our helpful tools help you book and earn faster and save more time.

  • You can reserve up to nine rooms online, of the same type and rate from any device
  • Book different room types for the same event
  • See all your bookings confirmed at once after stays are consumed to easily track your IHG® Rewards Club points

Book via Service Center or hotel

  • You can contact your preferred hotel direct or call the IHG® Business Rewards Reservations and Service Centre
  • You will need to have your IHG® Business Rewards number ready
  • If the guests staying during this reservation are IHG Rewards Club members you can provide their details so that they can receive their points (or they can claim points by presenting their IHG Rewards Club card upon check-in)

Book via the IHG Group Center

  • To book a meeting, event or block of 10 or more rooms, contact the IHG Group Center or use IHG’s online group booking and RFP submission site
  • You will need to have your IHG® Business Rewards number ready
  • For online bookings, please add your IHG® Business Rewards number in the comment box but please don’t add the IHG® Rewards Club numbers of the guests you are booking for – guests should present their IHG® Rewards Club cards to the hotel at check-in. Your points will appear in your account after all stays in an event have taken place but please note that it may take 6-8 weeks after the last stay to see the points in your account

Manage your events

  • Manage your IHG® Business Rewards events in 'My Account'
  • View your upcoming events all in one place

* IHG® Business Rewards Terms and Conditions (Greater China)

* IHG® Business Rewards Terms and Conditions (excluding Greater China) 

** IHG® Rewards Club Global Membership Terms and Conditions


Corporate bookers and business travel agents must note that they are responsible for:

1. informing and obtaining approval from their employer to participate in the programme

2. ensuring that their participation in the IHG® Business Rewards Programme does not contravene their terms and conditions of their employment, their employer's internal policies and procedures on the receipt of gifts and incentives or any other applicable laws, rules, or regulations.


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