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Taipei Hotels

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  • Kimpton Da An Hotel

    Kimpton Da An Hotel

    No. 25, Lane 27, Section 4, Ren'ai Road, Da'an District
    Taipei, 106, Taiwan
    • Parking
    • Pets Allowed
  • Regent Taipei

    Regent Taipei

    No.3, Ln.39, Sec.2 Zhongshan N. Rd.
    Taipei, 104, Taiwan
    • Parking
    • Pool
  • Hotel Indigo Taipei North

    Hotel Indigo Taipei North

    No. 200, Zhifu Rd., Zhongshan District
    Taipei, 104053, Taiwan
    • Parking
  • Holiday Inn Express Taoyuan

    Holiday Inn Express Taoyuan

    No. 1039, Chunri Road
    Taoyuan, 33050, Taiwan

Travel Guide Intro

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Travel in Taipei – City Guide
One Taiwanese writer described Taipei as a cluster of ripe views, with Taipei 101 thrusting up through the clouds towards the sky, department stores displaying a whole host of luxuries along Zhongxiao East Road, and vehicles meandering through the crisscrossed roads like an endless stream. Simply put, it is a city full of vitality. Stepping out onto the streets and alleyways, the first impressions of Taipei, the ones from which memories are made, come to greet you. Hop on a bike and whistle past The Affiliated Senior High School of National Taiwan Normal University (HSNU) just like in the movie Blue Gate Crossing, head down Guling Street and Juan Cun like in A Brighter Summer Day while taking in the beauty of youth, or admire loyal young friends risking their lives in Bopiliao Old Street as in Monga. With its modern rigidness and traditional softness, its love of fashion and romance of nostalgia, fast passions and slow ingenuity, each one shines through with its distinctive brilliance while coexisting in harmonious fashion.

Taipei’s Two Sides by the Tamsui River
Taipeis rich city landscape stretches along the Tamsui River and Keelung River, and is divided into “the new east and the old west” by Fuxing South Road. The new emerging Dongqu district, which is home to Taipei 101 and Core Pacific City, is thought of as a beacon of fashion and modernity, while Xiqu feels more civil and historic. Ximen Red House and Bopiliao Old Street in Wanhua District continue to add to the cultural feel of the city, while the National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall and the Presidential Office Building in Zhongzheng District softly eulogize Taipeis long gone days of old.

To the north of Taipei, Beitou Hot Spring and Seven Star Park on Yangming Mountain are distinct features, while to the south there is Maokong Teahouse and Taipei Zoo. In the outskirts of the city, the towering mountains and hills offer a break from the diverse urban scenes, where a rustic feel compliments the freshness of the countryside, where Mother Nature beckons.

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The NTNU Night Market is located in the vicinity of National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU). Among its lanes, a number of romantic cafes and small diners are harbored, giving it a unique modern feel. It used to be a movie location where the film First Page Taipei was shot. Lane 13 of Pucheng Street is where there is a range of foreign exotic restaurants, with establishments serving American, Japanese, Korean, and Indian cuisine, and it is thus called Exotic Food Street.

From the delicate red bean buns from Din Tai Fung Dumpling House, the fatty-yet-not-greasy knuckles from Fu-Ba-Wang Pigs Knuckles Restaurant, through to the chewy noodles with flavorful soup from Yong-Kang Beef Noodle, every lane of Taipei is peppered with amazing gourmet restaurants. But then again, you might just run into authentic Taiwanese cuisine just around the next corner.


Global Shopping in Taipei
Want to have an international shopping experience? Then, you must not miss the two shopping landmarks that stock all international brands, i.e., Taipei 101 and Core Pacific City. In Taipei 101 Mall, it has a feel of Fifth Avenue while being surrounded by numerous flagship stores of various brands. Core Pacific City features five shopping themes across its 15 floors. Strolling through the vast expanse with its nearly one-thousand stores and the well-designed shopping mall, you could very easily feel as though you were on another planet.

Ximending has the essence of Harajuku in Japan. Stores along the street have a unique yet distinctly Japanese style, with all kinds of books and music albums riding the waves of fashion, just like they do in Japan. Designer trends and famous brands are all right here. It talks in a language of visual fashion to express the youthful spirit of its streets, thereby rising to prominence as a symbol of Taiwan’s pop culture.

Zhongxiao East Road, a main road made famous by the song Walking Along Jhonghsiao East Road Nine Times, is where more than half of Taipeis department stores converge. It just might have to be walked along nine times to be able to explore all the fancy and popular goods, just as the song suggests. If you like reading, go westward to Chongqing South Road, where you will find the famous bookstore street, with San Min Book, KingStone Bookstore, and many time-honored bookstores lining up to introduce to a centurys worth of Taipeis reading lore.

Around-the-Clock Food in Taipei
As the lamps are lit, the night markets of Taipei, just like a pot of hot oil, gradually come to the boil, fired up by a hubbub of voices. As the cradle of Taipei’s night markets, Ningxia Night Market mainly offers traditional snacks. Time-honored stores and stalls abound in fours and fives, appealing to different palates, all in a line. The melt-in-mouth minced pork rice, the sweet and delicious fried rice noodles with pork intestine and oyster, and the nourishing and rejuvenating liver soup are all authentic Taiwanese dishes that the local people relish.


Sleepless Taipei with Its Intoxicating Light
Colorful neon lights, bright night markets, romantic and passionate music, the cloud-piercing Taipei 101, and the ear-busting Taipei Arena - nighttime in Taipei is when its real side is unleashed, young and unrestricted, sparkling with colorful lights.

A night trip is a very local way to appreciate Taipei by night. Call on a group of friends and ride motorcycles in the cool night breeze, race to the mountain from where you can overlook the citys brilliance, as it lies ablaze with lights. Among the top 10 nighttime views of Taipei, Yangming Mountain ranks top. However, Jiannan Mountain, shutterbugs’ private sightseeing site, is also worth a tour. The observation platform by the hillside boasts the best panoramic view, and such landmarks as Songshan Airport, Taipei 101, and the beautiful Miramar Ferris Wheel can be seen in their full splendor.

If you have spent any part of your youth with Taiwan pop music as your soundtrack, then you won’t want to miss experiencing a concert in Taipei Arena. This pop music venue is a platform dreamed of by all singers. The melodious piano, the gentle singing, and the earthshaking New Year countdown party - this is where you can make touching music memories.

Taipei is the very heart of Taiwan independent music. The Gongguan Shopping Area in the National Taiwan University neighborhood has given rise to three music pilgrimage sites, i.e., The Wall, Riverside Live House, and the Witchhouse. Many singers have performed and made their names here. The Taipei night life is made of music and beer, and has a slightly tipsy, sentimental feel.

A Stroll in Taipei to Savor the Beauty of Life
If you feel like strolling through the streets of Taipei, you will always come across cultural and creative landmarks. Huashan 1914 Creative Park demonstrates the beauty of heavy industry, featuring a contradiction of new and old elements. The Park, formerly known as Taipei Win Factory, has been revitalized with installation art, a design studio, and original music. Songshan Cultural and Creative Park maintains the Japanese early modernism style of the former tobacco factory. Here can be found Eslite Bookstore and SongYan Gallery, as well as various exhibitions and creative fairs. Spot Taipei, a “Cinema Paradiso” following the combination of a historic site with art, is now a shrine for film lovers from everywhere. Cultural creation has somehow become arts calling card in Taipei.

The majestic Sun Yat-sen Memorial House is a must-see cultural center in Taipei. It is not only a place that exhibits works of famous artists from home and abroad, but also the largest national performance center on the island. The grand ceremony for Chinese films - Golden Horse Award - is held here every year.

“You are either at home, or at Eslite.” Reading at Eslite Bookstore has become a lifestyle. In its bright and spacious space for art and culture, with the light aroma of coffee in the air, you can meditatively soak in the beauty of life through the words and lines of its books. You can visit its branch store at Dunnan, which is open round the clock, to relive the romantic story of how the hero encountered the heroine, as told on the silver screen.


How to Get There
There are two airports and one main passenger train station in Taipei. Taoyuan Airport is a 40-minute drive from the city centre, and is the main international airport of Taipei, with most foreign tourists arriving and departing from here. Surrounding the airport are a number of high-end hotels, such as Holiday Inn Express Taoyuan, a 15-minute drive from the airport and 30 minutes to downtown to ensure a relaxing and comfortable travel experience. Songshan Airport, mainly dealing with internal flights, is close to the city center with convenient transportation, and just a 10-minute drive to Xinyi District and Zhongshan District.

Taipei Main Station is the main transport hub for Great Taipei. It is located in Zhongzheng District, adjacent to the shopping area of Ximending. With its three-in-one construction, the station has integrated the railway, high-speed trains, and MRT, ensuring the convenience of zero transfers.

Be it sitting with books at Eslite Bookstore, stuffing yourself with delicacies in the night market, or strolling through the streets in the steps of a leading character from a famous drama, Taipei offers a thousand ways to tour it, with a thousand joys for your pleasure


Taipei Zoo, the largest zoo in Asia, is adjacent to the Maokong Gondola. It has elaborately recreated the animals natural environments, while somehow leaving a distance between the animals and the tourists that allows for both privacy and intimacy. Here, you can also come and say hello to Tuan Tuan and Yuan Yuan the giant pandas.

National Taiwan University (NTU), known as the best university in Taiwan and adorned in red bricks and white walls, has a distinct baroque style. The boulevard of coconut trees leads visitors into the campus, where the ravishing natural scenery, as well as the pure and solemn cultural atmosphere, fascinates tourists.

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Many of the IHG hotels in Taipei offer complimentary breakfast. Check the hotel's website to find out more details as they may vary by brand and locations.


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IHG hotels in Taipei 4
Total IHG hotel rooms in Taipei 954
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